10 Types of Content to Boost your Web Traffic

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What is the topmost priority factor of SEO? Do you have any idea?

Hmm… Content is the green signal to this query. Every day millions of blog/content are published on the web. Content is an on-the-page factor of SEO and the stuff on the website. The content on a site includes documents, images, videos, e-mail messages and more. That’s why Google has changed its strategy to rank the website from keyword-focused content to relevant content written in natural language.

Since we mention relevant content so, let’s discuss the important points to creating the relevant content.

Content Quality

Starting a content with a familiar topic is simple. But, have you measured the quality of your content? Your content has the ability to entice the visitor and engage them for a longer time to your site. So, your content must have some value to be useful to the visitors.

Content Keyword Research

After finishing your content, the next step is to perform some research on keywords. You can use the online tools for keyword research and find the best keyword. The keyword is the word or a phrase that people use on the search engines to find the content.

Use of Keyword in Content

Now, you have to put all your listed keyword in your content. An appropriate keyword helps people to find your content on the search engine.

Content Originality

Writing a lengthy content is not enough, it must hold originality feature to be unique. Your content must be fresh and relevant to your topic. Google ranks the right content with the right topic, at the high rank of SERPs.

Let’s come to our niche topic. Here we are discussing 10 different types of the content for any site to boost the web traffic.

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The guide is a detailed and time-consuming content. Guide content is also a traffic driven content in a website. Because it holds valuable instruction or tutorials to solve the problem of the potential clients. The tactic of this type of content is to engage the client for the entire process to provide a solution. You can also use it as a bait to increase the subscribers of your site.


The writer must have enough knowledge to break down the whole process into useful tips and bring out the useful idea to help the customer in a simple language. The best approach to reach the more traffic is the use of images and screen shots to present his ideas.  Also, a top content needs a creative designer to present the writer’s idea in a more attractive way.

You can view this blog for your reference-“Beginner’s Guide to Design WordPress Website”.

List Posts

Another popular type of content is Listing. The list content is more informative and fits in any kind of website. You may have seen the content like “My Top 19 Online SEO Tools” on the web.

The writer can present his content in numbered list and defines a solution at each point. He has to pick the topic and list the points in number. Defining content in a list will be more detailed and to-the-point.

Infographics & Memes

An infographic is a way to present your data/information through graphics. And, we all know, graphics drives more traffic than a plain text. Your infographic will be good if the audience can visualise your ideas. You can ask your designer or create your own infographic using tools like Canva, Google Developer, Vizualize.


Meme provides humorous content which can go viral in different social media. You can add Instagram photos and videos to your website. Memes are easy to create and you can find different online tools that help you to create a meme. MemeGenerator.net and Imgur are the popular tools for generating meme.



If you want to compare the pros and cons of products/services, then reviews content is useful. Most people refer to this type of content when they want to compare two products before making a purchase decision. You have to share the valuable content to establish yourself as a powerful reviewer. You can provide your experience with the product and suggest your recommendation to the viewers. Review content draws the attention of the client who trusts you.

You can write a review of new release book, movies, software application and more.



If you share an interview with the popular people or the public through your site, there is a chance of getting more crowd to your site.The interviewee will also share your content and promote your website. Each interview has its unique content which is a powerful aspect of the good content. For the audio/video format of the interview, you have to provide an overview at the end.


Videos & Podcasts

Videos & Podcasts are the multimedia content of the site. You can add any interesting video or informational podcast as a content in your website.

You can use YouTube or Vimeo as a platform to share your videos with the crowd. If your video is liked by your audience, they’ll share your content using different social media and make you famous.

Videos and podcast

Adding a podcast on your site will be more suited to the people who prefer to listen to audio files. You can add a transcript of your multimedia content to add the value of your content.

Research & Case Study

You can analyse the performance of your site and keep records of it. You can do some research on which type of content is hiking on your site. Research is the best content for the official use. This analysis definitely helps your team to make the content strategy before publishing it.

You can do research on a specific topic and share the recorded data to the customer in a fascinating way.Before sharing, you must assure the presented data is the valid one.

Research and Case Study

On the other hand, you can also prepare a case study of your product/services. You can involve your existing clients and share their experience through your content. You can describe their challenges and how you support them to overcome their problems. Your motivating customer supports can influence other clients to join your team.

Resource & Opinion Posts

Creation of a resource post will grant your customer an opportunity to find many choices on a niche topic in a single article. This type of content caters you build the affiliate links. You can extend your content by adding the best resources. You can also add an image of the resource site to add the content value.

If you are an established person in your field, then you can share your opinion and prediction in the coming years and also create an affiliate website out of it. Some people like to read the opinion based articles. Your views can create controversy and discussion among the viewers and engage them on the topic.

Interactive Content

Content is created to influence high lead to our site. And, the interactive content is a good approach for this. Now, the question arises, what type of content is interactive? Content like polls, artist rumour, giveaway, quizzes, interesting contest are a few examples of interactive content.


You can share these type of content in your social media and drive the interested one in your website. Also, your eye-catching content in social media may have a high chance of getting more likes and comments in the social media.

Personal Stories

Writing is like cooking a food and adding the personal stories in your article is like adding zest in the food. Yes, your personal experience, whether it is a success story or failure story, will always give a feeling of emotional attachment to your client.


You can include a part of your life journey that can motivate others. This type of content will entice the client’s concern to your site for a long time.

Content on the website differs as the purpose of the site. So, I hope you get an idea of setting the content that suits your website.

What other content can you include on your website? Share your thought.

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Nirmal Gyanwali, Director of WP Creative

Nirmal Gyanwali

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