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Our Google Analytics Audit Includes

Why Do You Need A Google Analytics Audit?

Why Do You Need A Google Analytics Audit?

Wondering if a Google Analytics Audit is the right for your business? Here are some reasons why it’s not just a good idea but a game-changer.

  • Track Marketing ROI
  • Identify Technical Implementation Issues
  • Ensure precision in the data collected
  • Identify and leverage comprehensive insights
  • Review/Fix Goal and Event Setups
  • Tailor analytics to effectively track mobile user behaviour
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What's Next After the Audit?

After the thorough examination of your Google Analytics setup, you might wonder, "What's next?" We go beyond mere identification of issues. For each issue detected, our skilled analysts and specialists provide a quick overview of the recommended approach to fixing it.

If handling the implementation feels overwhelming or you seek a professional touch, we are ready to help. We offer hands-on implementation support, ongoing GA4 support and detailed post-implementation reporting. The issues fixes, suggestions implementations and optimisations are billed on an hourly basis.
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Why Us?

Comprehensive Google Analytics Audit Services

A deep dive into your Google Analytics is not just about finding flaws; it's also about discovering opportunities. Understanding your data shouldn't be a daunting task. We simplify the complexities of your analytics setup, boosting your confidence in interpreting and utilising the information effectively.

Our comprehensive Google Analytics audit identifies areas for enhancing data collection, attribution and reporting by going beyond surface-level checks. The audit ensures your Analytics account aligns with your current business needs, not outdated practices from years ago. Our in-depth audit is tailored to your specific industry and objectives, ensuring that the suggestions provided are realistic and applicable to your business environment.

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Rely on Meaningful Data

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but its potential is only realised when implemented correctly. Our audits go beyond the surface, providing you with a full overview of your Google Analytics account. We assess every aspect of GA4 and identify areas of improvement, ensuring your data is not just abundant but meaningful.

A comprehensive Google Analytics audit is more than just a checklist; it's a strategic implementation to make data driven business decisions. Our audit focuses on capturing the essential user behaviours and performance metrics relevant to your business. We help you uncover the real insights that drive smarter, more impactful decisions.
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We have been working with Saba and the WP Creative team to launch our new website. From beginning to end, their level of professionalism is exceptional.
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Jen Doran
Our Revolution
Creative Director
I would not go anywhere else for a WordPress website. Great team who know what they are doing, know how to manage a project and execute at the highest levels of professionalism.
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Joydeep Hor
People+Culture Strategies
Managing Principal
Nirmal, Saba and all the team – you really did deliver on your promise. Thank you for your excellent service, great support, ease of communication and most of all delivering an outstanding website!
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Kerrianne Davoodi
Marketing & Communications Manager
Mesh Direct

Google Analytics Audit Service - FAQs

If you've got questions or need more help, please send us a message.

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Our audit provides a detailed overview and improvement plan of your Google Analytics from basic setups, configurations to conversion tracking and platform integrations. The audit helps you understand user behaviour, enhance data accuracy, and make strategic decisions. We go beyond routine checks, offering tailored implementations and ongoing data consultancy, ensuring your GA4 setup evolves with your business needs.

While it depends on your business dynamics, a semi-annual Google Analytics audit is recommended. However, if your website or Analytics has undergone significant changes, more frequent audits may be required.

Yes, we can also fix the identified issues. While we give a brief overview of the issue with the proposed solution in our audit report, some of the issues require attention of a specialist. If you do not have the resources or skill to fix these issues, we can fix them for you. You have the flexibility to implement changes yourself or engage our experts.

No, our process is non-intrusive. We carefully analyse your setup without affecting its current functionality.

We prioritise data security. Our team adheres to strict privacy standards, ensuring confidentiality throughout the audit process.

Yes, our audit is fully customisable. We can prioritise specific aspects based on your business goals and areas of concern.

The cost depends on your current setup, website, complexity and the overall scope of the project. Send us a message to book an initial consultation call and we can prepare a custom plan for you.

Please send us a message and we can schedule a call to discuss your requirements. We can then plan out a proposal based on your needs.