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We are well-known for creating lean and mean WordPress development solutions for Singapore-based businesses. Our primary services are as follows:

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After trying to build a website myself, it just wasn't professional and detailed enough for what I wanted. The team built a customised website for me and it was exactly how I explained what I wanted and how I envisioned it!

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I have worked with Nirmal for several years, across multiple organisations as my web developer of choice. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a website development partner. Sam and the project team are exceptional.

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Why Hire Australian WordPress Developers for Your Business?

Australia WordPress Developers for Singapore Businesses

We have some of the top custom WordPress developers in Singapore that can help you expand and scale your business. Our WordPress specialists can assist you with creating new pages, changing the format of current pages, adding functionality to the WordPress core, customising or adding new plugins for your site, and even customising the site design.

After we have completed the project and turned it over to you, these WordPress specialists will provide ongoing WordPress website support in Sydney and website maintenance for your firm. Consider us your Website partners as you scale and build your business. You handle the operations, while we handle the design, development, and management of your WordPress/WooCommerce websites. Get in touch with WordPress experts to discuss your needs.


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We have a clear and open approach in place for all WordPress-related design, development, and maintenance needs. Learn how our client-management process works.

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From getting leads to completing projects, we have a fairly simple development process in place. In our first meeting with the client, we will apprise him of how our development design and marketing team take the project forward. The meeting also includes discussing project requirements, resource utilization, project scope, and a number of development user stories. Our project manager is also in the meeting to understand overall client requirements. As our client, your project value will be estimated based on the scope of the project and the number of developer hours required to complete it. Once we have discussed the project requirements and evaluation, the next step will be to create the timeline for deliverables.

Each user story includes project effectiveness and a number of dedicated work hours. Our project managers begin building user narrative points for the developers after receiving clearance from the client during the planning stage. They specify the project’s scope, technical requirements, and other data to assist developers in determining the type of work that needs to be completed. If there are numerous designers and developers working on the project, user stories will be created for each of them individually.

Web developers are responsible for the entire appearance of a website’s landing pages. They may be asked to design unique website pages on occasion. Because these pages are not template-based, they must be designed from scratch. A UI/UX designer will be added to the team at that point. The designer will generate designs in Photoshop or another design programme, and then convert them to PSD files for the developer to use.

The client approves the WordPress page designs, which are then given to the development team to be turned into landing pages for the website. WordPress does not allow for changes by default. As a result, you’ll need to use third-party page builders to design your web pages. While it is simple to design landing pages, developers will have to start from scratch without templates. A landing page builder allows you to alter the page using blocks. Each block on the page can be used to refer to a different fold. Our designers customize these blocks by using PSDs created by the developers.
After the landing page is complete, it is handed over to the QA team for fixing bugs.

The QA team builds a number of use cases to simulate the behaviour of the website’s visitors. Likewise, they will do various QA checks to eliminate issues found on the website. If any problems are discovered, they are recorded and forwarded to the programmers for correction. To coordinate activities and report issues directly to the development and design teams, our QA teams employ a variety of project management systems. Before the site is given over to the client, quality assurance ensures that all defects have been fixed.

We provide our users with the choice of launching their sites directly through our servers or relocating the websites to their own servers. If they choose to migrate their sites to their servers, our development teams will assist them in getting these up and operating. Even after the site goes live, we give free maintenance and support for the first 30 days. This is to guarantee that any defects discovered during the post-launch phase are addressed as quickly as possible.

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We have built different types of websites ranging from small brochure websites to high traffic media websites and eCommerce stores. In addition, we build, optimise and provide ongoing website maintenance and support to businesses.

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