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5 Methods on How to Tell if a Website is WordPress

How to Tell if a Website is WordPress?

Have you ever stumbled upon a beautifully designed website and wondered what CMS or platform it uses or if it’s built on WordPress? You’re not...

Read MoreJune 14 2024

Guide on How to clear cache in WordPress website

How to Clear Cache in WordPress?

Just made changes to your WordPress website but the changes are not reflected in the website? You might want to learn how to clear cache in WordPress ...

Read MoreJune 6 2024

WordPress Featured Image Size

WordPress Featured Image Size

We often get questions about WordPress featured image size from website owners struggling to utilise the featured image to full extent. High quality, ...

Read MoreMay 29 2024

Edit footer in WordPress

How To Edit Footer In WordPress

Need to edit footer in WordPress website to add new site info? Or you might be looking to remove the “Proudly powered by WordPress” text in the bo...

Read MoreMay 21 2024

How to edit Robots.txt in WordPress

Beginners Guide To Optimising Robots.txt In WordPress

Want search engine bots to not crawl some specific pages on your website? Stumbled upon fixes that require editing or updating robots.txt file in Word...

Read MoreMay 14 2024

WordPress error logs

How To Check WordPress Error Logs?

Are you looking for ways to check your WordPress log and diagnose website issues? WordPress error logs are crucial in diagnosing or resolving website ...

Read MoreMay 7 2024

how to hide a page in wordpress

How to Hide a Page in WordPress?

So you are looking for ways to hide your WordPress page. You’ve got a WordPress page that you want to keep under wraps – perhaps it’...

Read MoreApril 29 2024

How to change WordPress Login URL

How to Change WordPress Login URL?

If you’ve found yourself searching for ways to change WordPress login URL into Google, you’re in the right place. Changing the default Wor...

Read MoreApril 2 2024

How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

Are you looking for ways to increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress? We understand that one common challenge many users face is the default...

Read MoreMarch 18 2024