WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Featured Image Size

WordPress Featured Image Size

We often get questions about WordPress featured image size from website owners struggling to utilise the featured image to full extent. High quality, ...

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WordPress error logs

How To Check WordPress Error Logs?

Are you looking for ways to check your WordPress log and diagnose website issues? WordPress error logs are crucial in diagnosing or resolving website ...

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how to hide a page in wordpress

How to Hide a Page in WordPress?

So you are looking for ways to hide your WordPress page. You’ve got a WordPress page that you want to keep under wraps – perhaps it’...

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Google Reviews on WordPress website

How to Add Google Reviews to WordPress Website?

Looking for a way to add Google reviews to WordPress website? Displaying Google reviews on your website is an excellent way to convince your users to ...

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Redirect a page in WordPress

How To Redirect A Page In WordPress

If you are looking to redirect a page or any URL in your WordPress site, this guide is for you. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about redi...

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WordPress Maintenance 101: Everything You Need to Know

WordPress Maintenance 101: Everything You Need to Know

What happens if I don’t update and maintain WordPress? While many may argue that regular WordPress maintenance or purchasing a WordPress mainten...

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Ticket 7

How To Score 100% On Google Page Speed Test

If your web pages don't load in less than 4 secs, you might be losing visitors or customers just because your site won't load fast enough and people d...

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WordPress Backup Plugins

Best WordPress Backup Plugins For 2024

Still haven’t backed up your website in 2024? With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, the risk of data loss and security threats looms larg...

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WordPress Maintenance

Why You Shouldn’t Invest in WordPress Maintenance and Support (And Why You Should)

WordPress is one of the most popular and most used CMS in the world. WordPress has been used by thousands of organisations, businesses, individuals, a...

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