WordPress Security

Reasons why WordPress website gets hacked

Why WordPress Website Gets Hacked?

Millions use WordPress for business, e-commerce, news, celebrity gossip, business, tech, ted talks and many more. Its popularity, meanwhile, also make...

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How to change WordPress Login URL

How to Change WordPress Login URL?

If you’ve found yourself searching for ways to change WordPress login URL into Google, you’re in the right place. Changing the default Wor...

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WordPress Security: Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

Maximise Your WordPress Security in 2024 – 15 Expert Tips

You must have often heard the phrase “Prevention is better than cure!” mostly used for health. This very phrase holds true for WordPress security ...

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wp security for login page

How To Secure WordPress Login Page?

Your WordPress site holds an important data and information about your company. The loss of these data and information may bring a big problem and har...

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Top 5 Wordpress Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Top 5 WordPress Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Nowadays, numerous websites are powered by open-source platforms. One such platform is WordPress. According to an estimate, around 35% of websites are...

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How can you recover your WordPress website if it is hacked?

How can you recover your WordPress website if it is hacked?

Imagine finding out that your WordPress website has been hacked. Imagine considering it as a nightmare, but then realizing that your worst nightmare h...

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WordPress Backup

A Complete WordPress Backup Guide

One of Popular Content management system (CMS) WordPress is preferred by most of the businesses. It has become most popular platform to develop online...

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