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At WP Creative, our Headless WordPress development experts are constantly using techniques that can help you optimize your website for performance and marketing. SEO shouldn’t be an issue with a decoupled architecture because you can still utilize WordPress’ sophisticated SEO settings and they will deploy to your site’s front end.

Our programmatic headless WordPress development professionals can help you build a huge number of well-optimised landing pages thanks to new technology, giving you greater control over your site’s code and improved flexibility in site customization.

Our Headless WordPress Development Services

We are one of the best headless WordPress development experts in Australia. Our solutions have helped million-dollar stores and websites grow their businesses. Some of our most valuable features are:

  • Completely decoupled site architecture
  • Omnichannel support
  • Complete UX customisation
  • Superior performance
  • Future-proof business solution
  • SEO friendly build
  • Ongoing site maintenance and support
  • Fast and Secure Site Network

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After trying to build a website myself, it just wasn't professional and detailed enough for what I wanted. The team built a customised website for me and it was exactly how I explained what I wanted and how I envisioned it!

MD Cosmetic Injections
Michelle Dodd

I have worked with Nirmal for several years, across multiple organisations as my web developer of choice. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a website development partner. Sam and the project team are exceptional.

David Bateman

We have worked with WP Creative on a couple of occasions. Originally they rescued us when another developer had abandoned a project, enabling us to get our site up and running after some challenging circumstances.

Catherine Kane
Catherine Kane
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Want to Know Our Headless WordPress Development Process?

Our experts are big fans of using headless technologies on eCommerce websites. The REST API of WordPress allows for a variety of integrations, which makes it an ideal solution for eCommerce businesses.

With APIs, adding new apps to the headless UI is easy. We can integrate any inventory system you want to make your processes more efficient, improve your workflow, and boost the performance of your business as a whole. Our experts think that API-driven contexts are the way eCommerce will be run in the future. An API integration with WordPress could be the thing that sets you ahead of your competitors.

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We’ll schedule a meeting with your team to talk in detail about the project. Our project leads will get all the company requirements you want clarity on. We will write down all the important details of your project in a single document and share it with you online so that you can also keep a track of the same. Once the document is approved, we’ll send you a proposal with the details, like the total cost of the project and how long it will take to finish. Once the planning is done and you like the proposal and want to move forward with the project, the next step in the headless WordPress development process is to decide how many user stories or sprints are required to complete your headless WordPress project.

Now, we’ll create user stories for each part of your headless WordPress development solution. Before we give the site to the client, we will decide how many hours each project will take and how it will be added to the site. The user stories will also list how many developers will work on your WordPress project and what kind of skills they will need. It will also dedicate a project manager who will be in touch with you while the site is being built.

Once user stories are assigned to each part, the next step is to develop and build the project. Our designers will make a layout for your theme based on what you tell them. It will include your website’s brand and all of its pages. Once the design is finished, it will be sent to you to make sure you like it. Whether there are any adjustments that need to be made, they will be made as needed. Once the design is finished, we’ll send it to be coded from Photoshop to WordPress HTML design. Depending on the headless front-end you want, it will be designed accordingly.

Our team will make a working prototype for the site based on the design that was already approved. Since WordPress doesn’t need much backend development, we’ll connect the database and create the front-end so you can get the final version as soon as possible. If the WordPress theme needs any changes, they will be made after we finish the first draft. Your site will be built using HTML5 and CSS3 as part of the development process.

Once the theme is complete and the proposed design is ready, we put it on a staging server so that our website quality assurance team can check it for anomalies. The team makes various testing cases to see if the website has any site-specific issues. If there are any problems, they are written down and sent to the developers so they can be fixed. We use project management tools to keep track of site issues and make sure that your headless WordPress site instance is working well.

Staging URLs are sent to the client once all issues are fixed on the website so they may perform final testing. If the client is satisfied with the site, it is released on a live server, and the domain given by the client is linked to the hosting. In addition to SEO, we also provide our clients services such as page speed optimization and security. Our professional WordPress support staff is happy to help clients migrate their websites to their own servers. In addition, all of our projects get a complimentary 30-day post-launch WordPress website maintenance period. Post-launch maintenance guarantees that all of the faults that are discovered during testing may be resolved quickly and effectively.

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As a white label WordPress development partner, we collaborate with a number of WordPress development firms. You can see the list of our completed projects in our online portfolio.

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