Edit footer in WordPress

How To Edit Footer In WordPress

Need to edit footer in WordPress website to add new site info? Or you might be looking to remove the “Proudly powered by WordPress” text in the bo...

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How to edit Robots.txt in WordPress

Beginners Guide To Optimising Robots.txt In WordPress

Want search engine bots to not crawl some specific pages on your website? Stumbled upon fixes that require editing or updating robots.txt file in Word...

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How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress

Are you looking for ways to increase the maximum file upload size in WordPress? We understand that one common challenge many users face is the default...

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Google Reviews on WordPress website

How to Add Google Reviews to WordPress Website?

Looking for a way to add Google reviews to WordPress website? Displaying Google reviews on your website is an excellent way to convince your users to ...

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Redirect a page in WordPress

How To Redirect A Page In WordPress

If you are looking to redirect a page or any URL in your WordPress site, this guide is for you. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about redi...

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How to Migrate from Webflow to WordPress

How To Migrate From Webflow To WordPress

Considering a move from Webflow to WordPress? Webflow is fantastic for crafting visually striking websites with ease. But when it comes to flexibility...

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How to Migrate from Figma to WordPress

How To Convert Figma Design To WordPress

Looking for easy guide to convert Figma Design to WordPress? Converting Figma designs to a fully functional WordPress site can be challenging especial...

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WordPress SMB

10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Best For Small Business Websites

Thinking to get a website for your small business? Choose WordPress for your small business website, it is the world’s most popular CMS. Read this...

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WordPress Website Audit

How to Conduct a WordPress Website Audit – A Complete Guide

WordPress websites like any other websites need to be audited to find out areas of improvement and enhance their online presence. Almost all websites ...

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