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How To Score 100% On Google Page Speed Test

If your web pages don't load in less than 4 secs, you might be losing visitors or customers just because your site won't load fast enough and people d...

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WordPress Cache Plugin

Boost Your Website Performance With A WordPress Cache Plugin

WordPress is one of the most influential platforms preferred by most of the business owners to develop their online business. You can take various act...

Read MoreJuly 28 2023

Keyword Intent

A Complete Guide to Search Keyword Intent

SEO Strategy with Intent: A Deep Dive into Search Keywords for SEO Some years back it was only keywords and content, but now keyword intent is becomin...

Read MoreJuly 22 2023

WordPress Chatbots

WordPress Chatbot – Boost Your Website Engagement

Are you looking to integrate chatbots into your WordPress website to increase engagement and interactions with your target customers? This is the righ...

Read MoreJuly 6 2023

WordPress vs Squarespace

WordPress vs SquareSpace: Which Is Better In 2024?

Looking to build a website but not sure if WordPress or Squarespace is better? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In 2024, the debate between cho...

Read MoreJune 8 2023

WordPress Backup Plugins

Best WordPress Backup Plugins For 2024

Still haven’t backed up your website in 2024? With the digital landscape evolving rapidly, the risk of data loss and security threats looms larg...

Read MoreJune 1 2023

Web Design Trends

Revolutionising The Web – Pioneering Web Design Trends of 2024

As we stepped into 2024, the website design world continued to evolve, taking learnings from the rich insights and experiences of 2023. Last year taug...

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SEO Statistics Facts 2023

SEO Statistics And Facts To Help You Rank Higher In 2024

Wondering about the state of search engine optimisation and ‘how to rank’ in 2024? As we start 2024 with the learnings of 2023, the landsc...

Read MoreApril 10 2023

Technical SEO Guide The Complete Guide to Improve Technical SEO of a WordPress Website

The Complete Guide To Improving Technical SEO Of A WordPress Website (For 2024)

So, you are looking for ways to improve your website’s technical SEO or you might be trying to fix technical errors on your website with a technical...

Read MoreFebruary 22 2023