Best Design Practices Every WordPress Developer Should Follow

best design practices

I have been hearing this a lot. Web design is dying.

…And I chuckle every time I hear that. It’s not phasing out. It’s just getting upgraded according to versatile template options and enhancement of technology.

This article right here illustrates exactly why web design is a never ending profession. And you as a web designer and developer have to hustle to keep up with the relevance of present and future.

The inauguration of a system like WordPress has made the web design work relatively easy.

Developing a website with Content Management System (CMS) can be more cost-efficient, allowing you to update the site yourself easily and instantly. The most popular CMS WordPress has become the platform of choice for many developers and business owners. However, even if you are an experienced WP developer, you need to get in terms of best design practices every WordPress developer should follow at times.

Whether you have a small or large business, it is essential how you utilise and promote them. Presently, most of the business proprietors promote their online business via a website which is developed in the particular development platform. If your WordPress website encloses various reliable functionalities and features, then it automatically influences more audiences towards the site and you can acquire good advantages from it.

Well-admired CMS WordPress facilitates a number of features and functionalities which are essential to developing a website. It can be easily used to develop your online business or any kind of web development. Thus, the demand of WordPress developer is increasing gradually.

If you are a WordPress developer, you should offer high-quality services knowing the best design practices. If you are confused on those best design practices, read this article as I have tried my best to include all the best practices in this article. Additionally, this best practice truly helps you to come up with your design and spread out your overall marketable skill set.

A quick look on best design practices that every WordPress developer should follow:

Nothing remains same neither technologies nor trends. They get updated every time. The trend that you are utilising today may be old tomorrow. Better take the extra effort and update with the latest design trend. This is one of the essential design practices that WordPress developer should follow.

Talking about the latest trend, Parallax scrolling is also popular these days. It is simple yet efficient motion design practice where forefront images move quickly compared to those in the background. This consequence an eye-pleasing effects which are simple to execute and provides depth as well as visual interest to the design of the pages. You can notice the effect utilised mostly to create headings and magnetise visitors.

Additionally, latest trend material design involves providing a flawless design experience in spite of the platform together with the mobile-first approach. Besides, you can also look for different trends that make the site fresh creating visual engagement pursuing the simple set of best design practices. Knowing and utilising the latest trend is a great way for the WordPress developers to develop their skills and expertise with better overall design sensibility.

Generate easily Accessible Contents

Bounce rate varies over the sites, yet maximum visitors might hit your carefully generated contents and heading directly for the virtual door. The visitors make instant decisions where to explore more on the website or go away from the site. So to make them stay on your WordPress website, it should be made appealing to explore around.

Generating easily accessible contents along with good layouts, easy functionality definitely maximises the engagement on your website. To make users quickly determine which side of your site contains the information they are looking to make its navigation friendly labelling every aspect to avoid confusion.

Always say yes to Responsive Web Design

Simply, Responsive web design includes the capability to adjust website according to the screen size of every device and platform. Today, websites are mostly browsed from mobile devices so responsive web design is an absolute requirement for all the websites. Users look ahead to get websites and application to display and function perfectly from all the devices they hold.

As WordPress developer, you need to understand that a flawless experience needs various testing as well as fixing. You have to work a lot and provide a superior system without an error, as errors can make your site unimpressive.

Conversely, making a Responsive website is not much difficult as there are various WordPress plugins and themes which make the work of developers much easier and simple. Be sure you understand every aspect of design and work accordingly.

Recognise the significance of Fonts

Ignoring fonts might ruin your design as they are very important to make an effectual design. Previously, an only limited font was available where you are allowed to select fonts from limit sets of fond.  Now, time has changed and you are lucky to have a wide range of fronts along with the one that is browser compatible. However, finding an applicable font depends on the time you allocate to find the site.

Remember, a perfect font does not take attention from the content rather it makes your site more attractive. Selecting fonts is very important that rewards careful consideration. So, recognise the significance of fonts, research on fonts and make your site beautiful.

Follow WordPress coding standards

WordPress coding standards should be mostly followed by the one who develops WordPress tool. The coding standards help to enhance the readability of codes avoiding general coding errors.

Well-admired blogging tool WordPress is also a collaborative CMS and allows reading write and maintaining the code simple for everyone. It might be troubling to update the coding style in the beginning, but in the end, you will find your code clean and easy to read and understand.

To Wrap Up,

These are best design practice that every WordPress developer should follow to take their design to the path of success. CMS WordPress is preferred by most of the business personnel and developers due to its ease of use. The CMS gets modernised according to recent trends, so WordPress developers should be active and follow those trends and keep the site fresh.  Since WordPress is rich of different types of themes and plugins, using them properly, make the site more beautiful with great functionalities.

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Updated on: 24 March 2016 |

Nirmal Gyanwali, Director of WP Creative

Nirmal Gyanwali

With over 16 years of experience in the web industry, Nirmal has built websites for a wide variety of businesses; from mom n’ pop shops to some of Australia’s leading brands. Nirmal brings his wealth of experience in managing teams to WP Creative along with his wife, Saba.