7 Plugins to Create Custom WordPress Menus & Navigations

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Menus are like traffic signs. They indicate to the incoming visitors where to go or what a certain page offers. Without them, the purpose of a website is virtually killed because a visitor will not have any idea about what page to visit when they get to a website.

Generic menus are fine but they offer little value to the users and why use generic menus when you have paid to develop a customised WordPress site. Customised menus are even better because of the rich-content indications they offer to their respective visitors. In the end, a visitor is only as good as the experience it gets on a website. If you want to turn visitors into leads, then they need to be offered a better user experience.

With that said, customisation of a navigation menu is no easy job, especially if you are new to WordPress or don’t have a lot of programming background. It requires dabbling with code and changing the core WordPress menu structure. Without the right knowledge, changing the structure of WordPress menus can also backfire.

Fortunately, WordPress offers multiple plugins that you can use to optimize the menus for your website. These plugins auto-insert codes that can change the structure and design of menus so that they look as you want them to look.

Most of these plugins are free and can be configured without any expert help. In this article, we are going to discuss some of these custom WordPress menu plugins so that you can easily configure menus for your website.

Let’s get started.

Plugins for Custom WordPress Navigation Menus

Most of the menu plugins in this list have free versions available that you can easily configure and use to design the menus on your custom website WordPress website. Otherwise, you can buy the paid versions from Envato or CodeCanyon. Links for the menu plugins are available in the description.

1. UberMenu

I personally love UberMenu because of the custom presets it offers. The menu plugin can create beautiful menu layouts including responsive, optimized, and full-page menu options. You can choose to add images, text fonts, and even sliders in the menu options on your WordPress website. The menu can be set on top, on the bottom fold, or right after the logo fold.
UberMenu is available for free with the basic layout. However, you can buy the premium package with all the assets available from the CodeCanyon website for $25 only.

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2. Mega Main Menu

If you are tired of the simple menu options that you get with every theme, then this Mega Main Menu option is for you.

Mega main menu

You can create as many folds as you want, add icons, images, corners, design menus at your will, and do a lot more with the dashboard available to you. The Mega Menu is perfect for websites that have a lot of content available on them. See Mashable and Buzzfeed websites for reference. These websites have multiple content pieces getting published on a regular basis. Navigation like Mega Menu plugin can be of great help in directing the visitors to the right pages.

3. Superfly Menu

Superfly Menu

If you are looking for menus of different kinds all in a single pack then the SuperFly Menu plugin will be a perfect fit for you. With the Superfly menu plugin, you can create Groovy designed menus, Amazon menus, navigation menus, and a lot more.

The best part about Superfly Menus is that it does all that without you altering the code. The menu design can be changed with the flip of a button. Superfly menus don’t have images and icons in them but they can help you create as detailed a menu as you want without hiring a developer or a designer.

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4. Groovy Megamenu

Groovy Megamenu

Next, we have the Groovy Mega menu available. The menu is perfect for all those who are looking for standard and sticky menu designs with images and buttons. These are perfect for all those who are looking for customized menu designs for their websites. The plugin offers a menu editor where users can easily add their images and text and it will be laid out in the design.

5. Hero Menu

Hero Menu

If you are using a theme without modern menus then the Hero Menu plugin is a perfect choice. It offers multiple menu options from image-based menus to columnar menus to text-based design grids. These menu designs can be used for portfolio websites, business entities, eCommerce stores, and even product-specific layouts. The Hero menu is available for $39 only. You can buy a license once and use it for as many websites as you want.

6. Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu

If you don’t have a huge budget but still would like to change the way menus look on your website or store, then the Max Mega menu is the perfect choice for you. It offers free menu options that you can add to your website. For beginners, it has a few templates available that users can add and customize accordingly. However, those who have programming knowledge can add CSS to improve the design such as the look and the feel of the website navigation.

7. Responsive Menu

Responsive Menu

A responsive menu is another great menu plugin available to the users. The responsive menu plugin is focused on adding tiers to the same menu through buttons and images. It has also extended the menu functionality by adding a search bar to it. The responsive menu plugin is available for free and anyone who is looking for a custom menu option for their website without external help can use it for user navigation.

How Menus Help Your Website?

Navigation is the only way people can get around your website. Without proper navigation, users can’t use your website properly. Think about all the pages available on the site. If there is no navigation menu available, how will the users go to those pages? That’s where the role of site navigation is crucial.

Navigation menus help site visitors:

  • Improve user experience and enhance website design
  • Create layouts that not only look interesting but also guide users properly
  • Encourage delve time, and page views
  • Decrease bounce rate and user deviation from the website
  • Improve CTA that automatically lead to better site conversion

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Nirmal Gyanwali, Director of WP Creative

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