How to find clients for your online business?

how to find client for online business

Every year, many businesses get started. And some will survive for several years while others will fade away.  Can you guess the cause of this problem?

Um… if you’re targeting the Client then you’re right. Because clients are the lifeline of any business. In the whole world, there is no chance of the existence of any business without customer support.

Well, I guess you got the point, right.

Since the topic depicts online business, let’s talk about it.

Online business is risky yet straightforward for the startup with a low budget. At this point, your issue may be to get the clients for your online business.

Take my advice to establish your online business, you have to start with 3 to 4 clients. But, how?

You have to follow these simple steps for your startups.

  • Locate your clients (small business owners) and identify their problems.
  • Match their needs with your service.
  • Make your business card, contact your niche client and start communicating with them.
  • Resolve their issue with your skill and sell your service (start with a low budget).
  • Assure your customer with the best customer support.

The internet has a high range, so your targeted clients may be of any profession, like business owners, doctors, or lawyers.

After you achieve some reputation in society, you can start your own website and extend your online business. Let’s dive into the ocean of online business to find your clients.

Table of Contents

Start with a useful Blog


A blog is the strong component of any website to attract the visitors. While starting a blog, you have to make sure to include Keywords on it. In your blog, you can add the answer to questions on the forum/discussion community, write a review of software, create a guideline on specific topics, write a case study of any projects of your research.

To create a great blog, you can add relevant and valuable content on your site that your client may be searching for. Because search engine loves quality content/blog. Also, good content has an ability to convert the visitors into subscribers which will convert to customers on later phase.

Add Portfolios and Testimonials


Since we are talking about online business, so I assume you have your own website. Portfolios and Testimonials act as an asset of your online business. You have to create an individual page for portfolios and testimonials. A new visitors will come to your doorstep (website) and judge you on the basis of your portfolios and testimonials. Thus we can say, these factors are also responsible for building a trust and belief with your clients.

A Portfolio is a tool for building a professional brand. It is a resume of your business. You can showcase all your projects on this page.

A Testimonial is a marketing tool to strengthen your business values. It is the client’s review of your work. This will helps to establish a trust with your new clients. You can use any forms of testimonials on your site: written, audio or video.

Make your presence on social media

social media

Social Media is a medium to reach your targeted customers more effectively and efficiently. So, take your next step to create a social media accounts. You can also get referrals for your business on social media and increase your social networking. Communicating your niche client and updates them on a regular basis with your activities and achievements is only possible with the social media.

You can create an interesting post, images or videos that link back to your site on your social media to draw customer’s attention and encourage high traffic on your site.

Start your Ad Campaign


If you have enough budget to run an Ad campaign then you can do so. Because Advertising is a great factor to approach the high volume of customers. You can earn high revenue with your small investment. So, start your first Ad campaign either with Google or Facebook and see the results. I promise that your site will ramp up traffic. The internet provides many options to run your Ad campaign.  You can carry PPC Ads(Pay Per Click), CPC Ads (Cost Per Click), Google Display Ads, Banner Ads, Mobile Ads, Email Ads, Google Search Ads, and much more.

But before jumping for paid advertising, you need to know about your targeted customers, a suitable keyword for advertising and tracking of your campaigns. These points will surely help you to meet your estimated profit from your campaign.

QR codes can also be used to track offline advertising campaigns by including them on printed materials and tracking the number of scans they receive.

Join Public Communities (Online/Offline)


Your online presence impacts directly on your customer’s vision towards you. You could have an active participation on forums (like Quora, StackExchange) by providing answers on your relevant topic. You can also add links to your site to call the visitors to your site. Start answering a few questions per week, you’ll notice an amazing difference in the people’s participation in your website.

You can also attend seminars, present your presentation and participate in workshops to show your skill. This will show your interacting potentiality with others and helps to build trust.

Start Consulting Service


As I mentioned above, the client is your business asset so, always try to make them happy. How can you help your client? Think about it whenever your clients contact you. Another important thing is that you can consult your concerned client with their problems and try to solve them. Since technology is changing every day, you can provide your client with some handy information, feedback, tools and strategy to overcome their business challenges. Your contribution may help to build a long-term good relationship with your client.

At the end,

A successful business will make direct contact with the customers rather than chase them. And, following these described points will help to boost your online visibility in your niche market. Am I right?

Share your opinions with us.

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Nirmal Gyanwali, Director of WP Creative

Nirmal Gyanwali

With over 16 years of experience in the web industry, Nirmal has built websites for a wide variety of businesses; from mom n’ pop shops to some of Australia’s leading brands. Nirmal brings his wealth of experience in managing teams to WP Creative along with his wife, Saba.