7 Best Tips to Increase Conversion Rate of WooCommerce Store

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The eCommerce space is getting competitive every day. If you want to make a mark, become successful in your domain, then you have to increase your overall conversion rate and online sales. Only building WooCommerce store is not eough.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to increase your Woocommerce website conversion rates the right way.

But before we get to that, it is important to understand what a good conversion rate is.

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What Is a Good Conversion Rate for eCommerce Sites?

Conversion means when a visitor visiting your e-commerce store actually ends up buying something. Since we live in a world where visitors have too many options available, the conversion rate can’t be a hundred per cent because that would mean each visitor coming to your website is buying. That is not a real scenario.

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In most cases, the conversion rate is around 2 per cent to 8 per cent. For every 100 visitors visiting your website, 2 people to 8 people will end up buying something.

This conversion rate even varies by industry. So, for fast-selling products like clothes, electronics, and daily use items, the conversion rate would be around 8 per cent to 10 per cent. While for luxury or utility items the rate can be somewhere from 2 per cent to 5 per cent.

Globally, the conversion rates of eCommerce stores have decreased in the past five years.


This image shows the eCommerce conversion rates in the past five years. Source: Monetate

The average conversion rate for eCommerce stores is 2.77% globally. However, you should always target 8 per cent because that is the only way you will achieve a decent conversion volume for your online store.

Best ways to increase the conversion rate for your website

Now that you are familiar with a good conversion rate, let’s see some of the best tactics to increase it.

1. Optimise Product Pages

There are two ways to optimize the product pages.

  • Make sure they are optimized for performance. They should load faster on any browser. They should not have high-sized images. They should not have any unnecessary scripts that tamper with the loading time
  • They should have everything including product images, product videos, large product images, proper product specifications, product features, product descriptions, product use-cases, and positive product user reviews right on the product page.

Make sure the product pages have upsold and cross-sold items in the ‘Frequently bought together’ and ‘Customers also like’ folds. Add ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Buy Now’ buttons at multiple places within the product pages.

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Here is an example of how Amazon shows the Buy Now button on the corner with the Add to Cart. Similarly, it also has a Buy Now button at multiple places on the web page.

When these are added to the product pages, they will automatically get optimized for performance and a higher conversion rate.

2. Make Your Pricing Right

Pricing matters. If you are selling a product for too cheap, most people will think it is of low quality. If you are selling it for too high, most people won’t be able to afford it. You need to price it right so that you can target the majority of the market. There is a science behind product pricing. And some ways to make your prices stand out is by:

  • Adding a ‘9’ at the end of each pricing figure. For example, $299 or $8.99.
  • Add more than one and less than five pricing slabs to your product pages. Having too many pricing slabs can confuse people. Having only one or two makes the users think that they don’t have a lot of options. Having three to four pricing packages ensures that you get the sale.
  • If it is a software product, you can give a ‘Free Trial’ for a week or 14 days. This is enough time for the users to make a decision. Moreover, around 60 per cent of the people who enter their credit card details for a free trial usually buy the product.
  • Add secure payment logos, previous client logos, and add a money-back guarantee. These elements make buyers trust your product/service.
  • You can even add a side-by-side comparison of your basic and premium product or service.

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3. Market to Right People

This point is the most important in terms of increasing website conversion rate. If your target market is not buying your product perhaps they are not ready to purchase, or maybe they are just searching for information. So, change your target market.

  • If you are using organic rankings, change the keywords so that you get more aware buyers.
  • If you are targeting paid campaigns, add negative keywords so that only the right people get to see your product ads.

4. Personalise Content

Your content matters the most when it comes to increasing your website conversions. Personalization is the best way to improve your content. How? Personalize based on location, gender, age group, and even past interactions.

There are tools available like Personyze, OmniConvert, Google Recommendations AI, and various others. They can help you create dynamic personalizations through segments. You start with campaigns for a set of audiences or your buyer persona. The content personalization tools will then start showing them that type of content or product page.

Although most of these tools are paid, you can start with a free tool like Google Optimize if you are just starting out.

Next, make sure to personalize your marketing emails when sending content to customers, potential-customers. Your marketing emails should have segments based on location, gender, and even interactions. This will help you create personalized campaigns leading to higher conversion volume.

5. Optimise for Mobile

Mobile brings almost 70 per cent of the traffic to any eCommerce store. If you are losing out on mobile traffic, you are losing out on 70 per cent of the sales. So, what do you do? Optimize for mobile devices by installing themes that are responsive. You can also add Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages as these load a lot faster on mobile devices. Once you start to get more traffic from mobile devices, it will automatically increase the conversion rate of the store.

6. Upsell to More Customers

Upselling is one way of getting more conversion from the same visitors. Think about what products are bought together with other products. You can use recommendation plugins to add relevant upselling products for the users. These recommendation plugins will show upselling products with the help of tags that you add to your product list.

Similarly, you should also show pop-ups with more discounts for users who have bought one product. Let’s say they have bought shoes from your eCommerce store. When the order is in the confirmation stage, you can show a pop-up.

The pop-up message would say that if they buy socks right now, they will get a 40 per cent discount on them.

7. Add Flash Sales & Events

Last but not the least, create flash sales in your eCommerce stores. If you have visited Alibaba, AliExpress, Amazon, or even Walmart, you will see that these stores have flash sales going on every day. These stores are selling some selected items at throw-away prices. What this does is that it allows buyers to buy more from your store.

Now if someone is buying a product from the flash sale, they will automatically buy other products at the same time to order a single cart and save more on shipping! This strategy never fails and buyers think they are saving more on shipping, as a result, you get more order volume. It is a win-win for both of you.

These are some of the best ways to increase the conversion rate of your WooCommerce store.

We hope that you can now easily increase the conversion rate of your website. If you are still unsure about how to get that done, then our WooCommerce CRO experts can help.

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