How to make money from the WordPress website?

making money from wordpress website

Everyone in this world yearns to earn money. In the field of information technology, there is a much easier money making ways, but many of you may not have realised. If you want to start your own website and have a passion of earning money online, then WordPress CMS is here to provide you with a great opportunity for that.

As the time elapses, WordPress brings many innovative ideas to help the users in business, web development, marketing, and blogging. We’ve explored the great features of WordPress till now. Now, it’s time to check out some ideas to draw money in your accounts using the WordPress platform.

Create a WordPress Website


Having your own website is a plus point in your business. You can create a page where you can enlist your services and contact info targeting your potential users. Next, you can add your success stories/projects on your portfolio and add testimonials to lure the customers. If possible, you can include blogs on your site that relate your job specification and solves the customer’s issue. All of these components on your website may drive a huge traffic to your website and you can easily make money.

Customise a Website and Sell it


If you don’t have your job and still wandering for a suitable work, then customising a website for your clients could be a good option. You can customise the website for your niche client and sell it to make money. Proper customisation may create a unique website. Isn’t it an easy way to collect the money? You can find many online sites to sell your website at your price.

Develop Themes and Plugins


For a designer /developer, developing themes and plugins may be a full/part time job to earn money.  WordPress is also a marketplace to sell your products. As we know, WordPress is used by any users (non-technical) so, they may be searching something useful features for their website. If you can create themes that suit their business or develop a plugin that solves their problem to extend desired features of their website, then this method will definitely help you. You can sell your theme/plugins through your website or 3rd party online sites.

To sell your theme/ plugins you can visit Themeforest, Creative Market, Mojo Marketplace, Codester CodeCanyon& WP Eden.

Consulting Service

consulting services

One of the fast and easy ways for the WordPress Professional /expertise to generate a passive income is to provide the consulting service. You can start your guidance blog to increase your lead and provide premium courses as well. You can create the video tutorials or written documentation targeting a beginner to advanced users. You can add some great portfolios to build trust with your customers. If you feel comfortable you can also add Podcast focusing on the WordPress users.

You can place your lessons either on your own website or other websites like udemy and Lynda, to attract more learners to your course and earn money.

Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing helps you to earn money on a commission basis. You have to create a website/e-commerce site where you can list the products of other people and write a post on it. Then, at each purchase of the product from the customers, will generate a certain amount of money. Isn’t it a super easy way?

Before using this technique, you have to make sure that your website is dragging high rate of visitors. Then, provide them with the product after analysing their past behaviour. In this way, your visitor may have a high chance of buying the product. Read our blog on Building WordPress Website for Affiliate marketing tips and tricks.



If your site is the popular one, then advertising can make your path to generate the money. Advertising is the best way to make your passive income. Business owners are always searching a platform to draw customer attention to their products and if your website owns that power, then business owners will pay you to advertise their products on your site.

You can use Google AdSense or WordAds for your WordPress site. Google AdSense will examine the quality of your content to be accepted in your site while WordAds require a certain traffic in your blog to be accepted. Google will pay you for each click on ads and WordPress will pay you for more traffic.



Image Source: storecoach

Drop shipping is a term similar to Affiliate marketing. Instead of earning capital through commission, you’ll buy the product in a bulk at a certain discount and will sell those products to individuals with some profit. So, here you’ll buy the product from the owner and resell them at a markup price.

You can find many dropshipping companies on the web. The most popular are Alibaba, Oberlo, Doba, World Wide Brands.

Review Website


Another simple approach to making money is to create a review website. You can write a review of the themes and plugins or any other products. You can also gather reviews from the audience on certain topics to increase customer engagement on your site. In this way, you may increase the revenue of your site as advertisers may show their interest to sponsor review of their products on your website. Review website can contain a review of any services, products, music, movies or software applications. So, you can include a high range of content in this type of website to hike your customer attention.

Blog Website


If you spend your certain time on WordPress, you can easily create your own blogger. Your blog can be a good platform to generate your passive income. You can start your blog on certain topics that can attract customer’s concern. But, you must create a quality and organised content for your blog. Ask your audience for the topic of your content in the forum page of your site.  Customer’s satisfaction and proper care may draw more visitors to your site. Eventually, your site may draw the attention of business owners for the advertisement of their products. Beside this, you can also increase backlinks to your blog to make money. And also, you can add new updates to software or tools on your website, add interview with the popular WordPress experts/leading company’s head on your site for generating more traffic.

The Blog is a proper place to share your e-books or white papers to your customers.

Wrapping up,

You can easily introduce yourself as a successful entrepreneur with your WordPress website if you can carry out any of these mentioned ideas. So, start learning WordPress and earn money as you can.

Share your experience with us on how WordPress helps you to earn money and how do you feel.

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Nirmal Gyanwali, Director of WP Creative

Nirmal Gyanwali

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