6 Reasons Why Your WordPress Developer Doesn’t Deliver

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Is your developer taking too long to complete your project?

When it comes to WordPress website development, there are many issues that can create hindrance in project completion and most of the time they are linked to developers.

So, what should you do if your WordPress developer is not delivering your project or just not completing it on time?

Here are some of the most obvious reasons why your developer is not completing your WordPress project on time and how you should handle the whole situation.

Let’s discuss the problem first and then come to a solution that works for both you and the developer or the development agency.

1. Developer Doesn’t Understand Your Requirements

One reason why your WordPress developer is not delivering your project on time is that he/she is not able to understand your project requirements. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Maybe the developer is working as a remote employee and there is a major communication gap between you and your developer.


The solution to this problem is fairly simple.

  • Hire a project manager that can directly communicate your tasks to your developer.
  • Set strict deadlines in which your WordPress developer has to report back to you with the completed tasks
  • If the developer is still not delivering the project on time, perhaps you need to find a better WordPress developer or a WordPress development agency that can work with you.

3. Developer Doesn’t Have the Capacity to Take On Your Project

Another reason your WordPress developer is not delivering your project on time is that he/she simply doesn’t have the time to deliver the project. In this case, you should discuss pre-assignment if the developer has the capacity to work on your project. If he/she doesn’t have the capacity to work on your WordPress project, then maybe you shouldn’t hire them in the first place.


Most WordPress developers are working with white label development services that will be creating the project and the developer will be delivering it to you. If you think that the project is not getting delivered on time, then you should change the WordPress developer or ask him straight about the issue you are facing.

3. You Have Hired an Unreliable WordPress Developer/Agency

Most WordPress developers are simply unreliable and you can’t trust them with your project. There are many WordPress development agencies that will keep on delaying your project. If you are in a situation where your WordPress development agency is not delivering your project, then you should not pay them.

You should check each development agency before you hire them for your WordPress project. Many b2b rating platforms are available in the market like Clutch, Goodfirms, Distinguished, that can help you find the ratings and reviews of different WordPress development agencies.


If you are not sure about the WordPress development agency even after you have checked ratings and reviews on various b2b rating platforms, then you should meet face to face and hire a local WordPress agency like WP Creative.

4. You are Not Having a Premium Development Service

Another reason your WordPress developer is not delivering the project on time is that the service is choppy. There are thousands of WordPress development agencies in the market and hundreds of new ones are coming to the market every year.


Make sure that you only hire reliable WordPress development partners for your project that promise premium development service. If they are not offering premium development services, then this means that they are not a quality service provider.

At WP Creative, we offer a premium WordPress development service so that you can always get on-time delivery, complete user support, and unlimited revisions for your WordPress development projects.

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5. Your Developer Takes You For Granted

Many small agencies that don’t have reliable developers onboard take on multiple projects but don’t complete and deliver them within the designated time.

This simply means that these agencies are not reliable and they are taking you for granted. If your development service is doing the same thing with you, maybe they are taking you for granted as well. In this case, the best option available is to talk to them directly.


If the development agency works professionally, it will have a designated project manager for your project. You can talk to them about the way your project is getting treated.

If you are still not satisfied with the WordPress development agency, then you can request a chargeback from the bank. This way, all the money that you have paid for the project will be put back into your account.

6. Your WordPress Developer is Not Skilled Enough

One reason your WordPress developer doesn’t deliver the project on time is because he/she is not skilled enough. So, in this case, what should you do?


There are several solutions available to you. First, you should get in touch with the project manager and ask them to get you another developer that is skilled enough to work on your project. You should also ask them to strictly deliver the project within the desired time.

If they don’t deliver, then you can ask for your money back from them. Usually, most reliable WordPress development agencies have a money-back guarantee.

How to Hire WordPress Development Agency?

Here are a few tips that you can follow to hire a WordPress development agency for your business.

  • Check their past portfolio
  • See their ratings and reviews
  • Look at the reputation of clients they have worked with
  • Learn about their process
  • Check their skill level
  • See if they offer a money-back guarantee
  • Read their bad reviews

Once you are fully satisfied with the WordPress development agency, only then hire them for your website project.

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Nirmal Gyanwali, Director of WP Creative

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