Advantages of Developing Bespoke WordPress Themes

advantages of developing bespoke wordpress theme

Content Management System WordPress is the remarkably flexible open source and user compatible platform that gives a good experience in web development. Since every business requires a cost-effective website, the CMS can be a great choice for many businesses as it gives complete control over the system and convenient to maintain and update as well.

Besides, WordPress provides a comprehensive range of free templates along with some modifications according to the business needs. It also allows you to develop your personal clean and fresh themes as well. Here you can save both time and effort as you do not have to develop from the scratch.

Indeed, starting bespoke WordPress web development might be time-consuming in the beginning and if you do not have adequate experience, then it might create a problem in upcoming days as well. This might not be that difficult compared to other CMS platforms like Joomla, Drupal as there are lots of tutorials available online.

To know more, take a quick look at some advantages of developing Bespoke WordPress themes:

Learn the platform

At the time, you have a problem in your design and to overcome the problem you have to work with the one who offers support and can help you to get out of your problem. Here, you can learn CMS WordPress by updating the current themes and developing a theme from the start. You will also use minimum time hacking a theme and maximum time developing your skills and learning which makes you much pleased with your task.


While using the templates you are not actually developing an exclusive presence. Sometimes, while looking back on the history you might notice something which you may be unable to remember which website you are trying to find out as there is nothing unique or impressive to remind you.

While spending money to build a custom appearance you acquire to develop something impressive for the users to memorise in the upcoming days as well. Through custom, you can also select aspects of design that meet the requirement of your users and also implement your qualities within the design. It is better to be unique in the field of design and online marketing.

Bespoke Theme texture

There are lots of themes that are already built with an exclusive approach by different WordPress web developers. You might come over the themes that might pursue similar arrangement and have similar pages, but enclose some variations at the front-end.

Building a theme from the beginning can take much time as everything from HTML structure, CSS markup, defining name convention might consume more time and hard-work. Conversely, developing a bespoke WordPress theme, you can stay away from undesired fragments which you might not need and also comprise and include the feature and functionality which might be more bespoke for WordPress web development.

Fresh and Clean Codes

Time and again, you might not get clean, good that you need. Every designer holds a different level of experience and expertise along with recognising the best design practices. Additionally, templates might produce unnecessary codes. So you have to pay more attention while picking up templates. Remember, the fresh and clean code is much more effective for search engine and it is important is you are willing to execute your Website on mobile devices or make it browser compatible.

Employ only the features that your project requires

Some themes such that ready to use theme might enclose unwanted aspects and files which your website may not require. This can be the main cause for slow speed website. Almost every designer desires to give an exclusive and remarkable appearance to facilitate users with lots of preference which they can employ in the bespoke website.

Keep in mind, light and speedy loading sites are mostly favoured by both search engines and visitors. Truly, developing your personal themes indicates you require building function, style, code, files and arrangement according to your project requirements. This keeps things easy and well-managed.

Wrapping Up,

These are some advantages of building bespoke WordPress theme. The bespoke WordPress theme facilitates you to work with default perception. Any business you initiate, you have to find a way to invest your budget properly in the website. If you are willing to save the cost then bespoke website can be best for your business

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Updated on: 4 April 2016 |

Nirmal Gyanwali, Director of WP Creative

Nirmal Gyanwali

With over 16 years of experience in the web industry, Nirmal has built websites for a wide variety of businesses; from mom n’ pop shops to some of Australia’s leading brands. Nirmal brings his wealth of experience in managing teams to WP Creative along with his wife, Saba.