Why should you Prefer WordPress Instead Of Joomla?

why wordpress instead of Joomla

Are you confused to decide on CMS WordPress and Joomla?

Today most of the websites are powered by simple to use Content management system (CMS) that lets you update a website without the trouble of single line of code.

If you are willing to develop the powerful website without losing your budget then, you will have to go along the CMS.

There are Various types of Content Management System available to develop websites. You need to select the CMS platform that is handy and gives good user experience.

Although WordPress and Joomla both are open source and have lots of things in common, there are certain things that stand out on WordPress.

And, these are few of the many reasons why we at WordPress Design Studio prefer WP over other CMS.

WordPress and Joomla both are content management system and both can be used to create amazing websites. Both of these content management systems allow managing the content within your website in an easy way.

To get more about WordPress and Joomla, check out the points below:



WordPress and Joomla are the world’s most popular CMS. However, WordPress is more accepted, compared to Joomla. WordPress was established in 2003 and Joomla in 2005.

But the date of foundation isn’t the point. It’s about the coverage they both have over the market.

Over that time, the growth of WordPress exponentially exceeded to 55.1% of the market share, as opposed to Joomla that is 8.8%.

WordPress have gained its name as the most popular CMS. Initiated as the blogging system, the CMS has not limited its duty as a blogging platform. You can develop the website with static pages. It is an ideal platform for both amateur and experienced website developers.


SEO friendly

No one can deny the fact that when it comes to SEO, WordPress is the king of CMS. It’s easy to use interface and availability of many plugins makes it simple to create an SEO optimised website.

Everyone desires to see their web presence on the first page of search engine that is the SEO-friendly system.

WordPress is better for Digital Marketing & SEO than Joomla. The content available on a WordPress website can be simply recognised by a search engine which makes easy for organic ranking.

Cost effective

cost effective

We all want to the system that is cost-effective and healthy quality.

WordPress is less expensive than Joomla as you can install and maintain WordPress sites staying in your budget. You have the maximum number of free Business Website WordPress themes available in the market that needs nothing but installation.

All you need is a hosting server which won’t cost you more than $5 per month. Some hosting also offers pre-built WordPress installation where you can install with just one click.

Easy to learn


Most of us apply the phenomenon learning by doing. It is one of the effective ways to get something new.

And, yes we look for simple ways to learn. To develop a website, we try to utilise less time learning and more time on the development.

But,  if learning takes too much time and is complicated then it becomes less interesting. And, we get influence towards the website that is easy to learn and provides lots of guides. WordPress CMS falls in that category as it is easier to learn.

The use of WordPress Dashboard is the efficient process as new website owners can pick it up quickly.

Joomla is more complex to learn compared to WordPress as it consists of the extensive learning curve and is not beginner-friendly.

Plug-ins and Extensions


Both Platforms Joomla and WordPress are able to expand through the use of plugin and extension.

Also, WordPress plugins are easier to setup and install on the site with the wider selection and plug-in Brower ability compared to Joomla plug-ins. Different plug-ins and extensions of Joomla are not available for free of cost.

Compared to WordPress Joomla extension installation is slightly troubling as you will have two choices either download it and upload through the extension manager or else you should insert the URL for the location of extension and start installing from there.

Ease of Use

easy to use

The people developing the website might not be experienced web developers, designers or programmers. They also might be the average users who are willing to develop the website. So, ease of use comes on the most significant factor for most of the users.

Joomla CMS is more complex than WordPress CMS in maintaining the sites. WordPress CMS enables to make updates to both text and images on their sites without any problem.

The technical experience is not required to WordPress CMS and it is easy to get a simple site set up easily. It is also easy to paste text from Microsoft Word document into a WordPress site.



The Content management system that is very difficult to install takes both our time as well as efforts.

Even though you find the quiet similar process in the installation, you might not get Joomla installation fast as WordPress.

WordPress appears with instant installation. Most of the WordPress hosting service providers provide one-click installation of WordPress making easy for fresh users to start their website.

Compared to WordPress Joomla installation is slightly troubling as you will have two choices either download it and upload through the extension manager or else you should insert the URL for the location of extension and start installing from there.

Content management System WordPress is easy to install while Joomla installation is not as quick as WordPress though it consists of similar steps.



Security is one of the essential factors to consider while deciding on CMS for your web solution. Most of the website on the web is might or might not be secured. It’s your duty to choose the CMS that comes up with a security plan.

Every business consists of important and private data and information which they want to protect.

Due to its popularity, the websites based on CMS WordPress appears in the eyes of hackers. Yet, There are lots of ways to secure your WordPress website. Also, WordPress uses secured code and takes instant action to the security vulnerability.

Also, WordPress contains auto updated mechanism that lets CMS WordPress website to update automatically when there is fresh security space.

When it comes to security, Joomla is alike WordPress. The CMS actively respond to any security vulnerability. But, to maintain the website and install the updates is still a headache for users.

Also, Joomla CMS is less secure compared to other CMS. It can be easily exposed to the threats. WordPress definitely is one of the secured CMS.


Best choice for newbie developers due to its ease of use feature. The CMS works the best for small to medium sized web solutions, blogs and other small e-commerce stores.

And, CMS Joomla is an ideal platform for e-commerce or social networking website. However, you need to have basic technical knowledge to run your Joomla venture smoothly

Now as you have gained some benefits of WordPress over Joomla, it’s your choice to decide on the Content management system.

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Nirmal Gyanwali, Director of WP Creative

Nirmal Gyanwali

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