30+ Best Free WordPress Themes For Your Business (2024 Updated)

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Building a website is undoubtedly one of the most important investments for your business in 2024 and it does not have to break the bank. Whether you’re a startup, a small business, or looking to refresh your digital footprint, these themes offer the perfect starting point to build and grow your online brand in 2024.

If you are not present in the internet space, you might be out of reach for many of your potential customers. Your website should well represent your brand and precisely communicate your message.

Website is the first point of interaction of people with your brand. More people will likely visit your online store or website than your actual physical store.

If you want a professional look and features, we recommend taking the help of a web agency to build a website with WordPress CMS. This is something that is crucial to your business’s identity and you may not want to risk it with cheap and unreliable services. 

It is true that finding the best WordPress business theme among millions of themes is really a challenge in itself. Anyone can get confused with so many options available for free and premium WordPress themes.

So, to help you find the right WordPress theme that matches your concept and brand, we have handpicked some fresh best free WordPress themes that are really good and have premium-like features.

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Why bother buying premium themes when you are getting the best WordPress themes with inbuilt premium-like features for free? Don’t you agree?

Now, without any further delay, let’s go through the following list of “30+ Best Free WordPress Themes Business Themes”.

Table of Contents

Choosing the Best Free WordPress Theme

What should you look for in your Free WordPress Business Theme?

There are things you would want to consider before you choose a theme for your WordPress website. We have made a list of things you should look out for before choosing a Free WordPress Theme.

Factors like design, mobile friendliness, and compatibility with plugins and extensions are a few to get started.

We all want our websites to be perfect in a sense to provide a seamless experience for users and to fulfil our business goals with the website. We have made a simple checklist to get you through the basics of choosing a Free Theme for your WordPress business website.

Does Your WordPress Theme Matter?

Yes! Your theme is the layout of your website. If it is not attractive or if it lacks a few set of features, you are never going to get an edge over your competition that has those features available. Most WordPress themes offer page builders that make it easier for users to redesign the theme as per their choice. These not only enhance the attractiveness of the website but also make it easier for people to conduct business online.

So, in simple terms, you must choose a theme that not only offers the best quality but also is easier to manage.

What Type of Theme Should You Choose?

WordPress offers over 4000 themes you can use and customize like your own without even paying a cent. While, you can also get many paid themes from Envato, CodeCanyon, Themeisle, and many other similar websites. All these places I mentioned are marketplaces for WordPress websites and they make it easier for users to easily manage their websites, make them look more attractive, and enhance the overall design, all with the help of a single theme.

On average, WordPress offers themes for eCommerce, portfolio, business, education, foods and entertainment, photography, news, and event services.

Every type of WordPress user can easily get a theme of their choice. Moreover, WordPress also allows users to select a theme that they deem fit for their business design-wise. They can choose from Single column to three column layouts, themes having different post formats, full site editing, and even translation ready themes. In short, themes are completely customizable.

Type of Theme
WordPress theme menu by filters. Source: WordPress theme directory

Analyze Your Requirements

First thing first, analyze your business requirements. It is pretty clear that you’d require different themes for different purposes. For example, a theme like Sydney would be best if you were to create a Portfolio website and a Storefront theme if you were to develop a WooCommerce store. You need to ask yourself a few questions to understand what type of WordPress theme would work best for you.

  • What industry do I belong to?
  • Do I need a single-column theme or a two-column theme?
  • How many widgets do I need on the homepage?
  • Do I need a page builder to redesign my website pages?
  • Do I need a gallery to showcase my work?
  • Do I need a free theme or a paid theme?
  • Will I hire a WordPress website developer to develop my website?

Once you have answered all these questions you would be in a better position and pretty clear about the choice of theme that you would need for your business.

Next, decide about the features or the specialty of each theme that you want.

List Your Features

We have already discussed the features that are available in all themes. For beginners, my advice is to choose a bespoke theme. So, a few features that you would need in a self-customizable theme include:

  1. Built-in Page builder
  2. Multiple page templates
  3. Multiple widget options
  4. Block-based editing
  5. Compatibility with Gutenberg block-based editor
  6. Free plugins for customization

These are crucial features that you would want in any WordPress theme that you get out-of-box from any WordPress marketplace. Envato, Themeisle, and Themeforest are filled with multiple themes that offer all these functionalities.

Is it a good fit for your website?

See if the theme has the features you want on your site and how you would want to set up your site. If you are looking for an online store or eCommerce website then, you would want themes that are compatible with e-commerce plugins.

Themes differ in their layout and are designed to fit some specific if not one niche. Ideally, you would want a fast, responsive and mobile-friendly theme that is designed for your niche. Even if the theme is not specific to your niche, it may sometimes be customizable or multi-purpose.

Design and User Experience

Even if this may sound somewhat too basic, design can not be overlooked. Visual elements, colours and web designs should blend well with the purpose of the website and your business or brand image. However, you can change and play through these with custom CSS and changes to the Theme code.

Try to select a simple theme that helps your visitors and provides them with exactly what they are looking for. Selecting a simple design will improve the user experience and contribute to what you are trying to achieve with your website.

Speed and size

Choose a theme that is lightweight and fast. It will benefit you in terms of user experience, SEO, Digital Marketing and overall website performance. Small-sized themes contribute hugely to website speed.

Having a fast website will provide users with a seamless experience and help in achieving your website goal. These goals can be conversions, purchases and general information. Try out demos to check the theme’s user experience aspects.

Mobile Friendly

Now, it is more crucial than ever to be mobile-friendly with a huge portion of visitors coming from mobile devices. Check if your theme is mobile-friendly with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

Compatibility with plugins and web browsers

See if the theme is compatible with the plugins you want to use. Not all themes, plugins, and add-ons are compatible with each other. If you want a fully functional WordPress site, this is a must.

Selecting a theme that is compatible with most plugins, WordPress, and updated PHP versions will ensure you do not compromise on your website features.

Also, check compatibility with different web browsers. Your visitors and potential customers may use different web browsers and you want to make sure that your features are not compromised on the most popular web browsers.

Check Your Hosting Solution

Next, you need to check the hosting solution that you currently have available. If you are using a shared hosting solution, then do know that it will not be able to support a heavy WordPress theme. Heavy WordPress themes have a bigger page size. This means they would take a lot more time to load on a shared hosting solution.

Slow load time can directly impact your site performance and that will definitely hurt your business bottom-line

Things to Note:

  • Don’t install heavier themes on lite hosting solutions such as shared hosting
  • Make sure that your WordPress theme loads in under a second without data
  • Test your WordPress theme on your website before you purchase it or before you add data to it

Opt for Quality & Simplicity

Next, make sure that the theme that you have chosen for your WordPress website is of quality. You can check the quality of the WordPress theme by looking at the code, design, and layout. Most premium themes have high quality as they are designed carefully for their users. On the other hand, many free themes are cheap and therefore don’t focus a lot on features such as page size, coding standards, and functionality.

Theme Support and Updates

Another factor to consider while choosing a Free WordPress Theme for your business is to see how good the Theme support is. You may run into problems while using the theme or sometimes you may even want to change a few things in the theme. For times like these, you should choose a theme that offers a good support team and has a good community. Read our blog on the history of WordPress CMS updates.

New themes are not necessarily up-to-date ones. Old themes which are continuously updated are the best choice in most cases. See in customer reviews and rating section to know more about the support theme offers.

Similarly, check if the theme is updated on time (see “Last updated” in the WordPress Theme store) and has any compatibility issues in regards to updates. Read reviews before selecting a theme as these come from first-hand experiences.

Price of WordPress Theme

Similarly, make sure that the WordPress theme is nominally priced. WordPress themes in the market are available for as low as 0 USD and also as high as 200 USD. You don’t want a theme that is too expensive. Similarly, you don’t want a WordPress theme available for free and without support.

So, get a theme that is priced at around 50 USD.

Things you should check while purchasing a WordPress theme

  • Long-lasting support
  • Free upgrade to the latest version
  • Phone/Video/Email/Ticket support
  • Complete license for your website
  • One time cost
  • Complete theme documentation including video tutorials
  • Dummy data for the testing theme on the website
  • Multiple templates of the theme pages
  • Free plugins with the theme (auto-installation)
  • Free error support and roll-back service by the team
  • Check for reviews of the theme on top blogs
  • See the rating of the company making that theme

All these things will help you decide if the theme that you plan to choose is of quality and supported by the development team. Moreover, reviews of the theme (if any) will help you know both the pros and cons of the theme before you purchase it.

So, bookmark this WordPress theme checklist so that you can use it to purchase any theme that you want to add to your WordPress website.

Open-source themes are some of the best ones to get started with. They can be customised to fit your needs and are also backed by a community for your help and support.

Lastly, go through the theme and its features thoroughly. Explore all of its features, and compatibilities and test for most customizations you would require. You can also install plugins like Theme Check to see if the theme is compatible with your website.

Are you a small business owner with no budget? No problem, there are agencies that specialise in designing custom WordPress websites for small businesses. And with thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available, you can build the fully functioning website you desire. Leave us a message if you are looking for a Web Development Partner in Sydney.

Best Free WordPress Themes for 2024

With thousands of Free WordPress Themes available, it is not easy to choose a theme that satisfies all your needs. You have to look into different factors to make a decision choosing a theme which we talked about earlier. And on top of that, you must have heard about the challenges of using a free WordPress theme.

Some of the themes in the list also have Premium plans but you still can build a fully functioning website with the free plan.

These are the best free WordPress themes on the basis of performance, design and features. Feel free to use one of these to build a WordPress website for your business.



Astra is a lightweight theme with more than 1 million downloads and 5-star ratings. It offers you more than 100 free templates for you to start with. You will have plenty of options to customise this theme to perfectly match your business needs.

It is suitable for most website types like eCommerce, personal, blog and small business. Astra is compatible with major WordPress plugins you would need including Elementor page builder, WooCommerce store and Gutenberg.

It comes with live editing features to make it even easier for you to customise your website without coding knowledge. So, this might be your WordPress theme to build your website.



Neve theme

Neve is a powerful modern theme that comes with a clean design. This theme is compatible with almost all popular page builders. With its documentation and tutorials, you will have plenty of support to start building your website if required.

It has more than 300k downloads and also offers a premium version but the free version should be enough for you to get started as it is packed with free templates for different purposes.


  • Compatible with page builder plugins like Elementor and Gutenberg
  • Plenty of design options
  • Lightweight theme optimized for performance
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Support



Shapely is a one-page multipurpose WordPress theme. It is definitely one of the best free WordPress business themes you can get. Shapely is compatible to use with most WordPress plugins like Yoast, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce.

It is a fit for all kinds of business websites and has been downloaded 70k+ times in the WordPress store. The theme is easily customizable and you can even use inbuilt widgets/sections.


  • Fast and Fully Responsive WordPress theme
  • Customizable
  • Support services and documents
  • Built-in font support

Hello Elementor

Hello Elementor

Hello Elementor is another popular and one of the most popular free WordPress themes for business with over 1 million downloads. It is primarily designed for the Elementor plugin. Developed by the Elementor team, it is also compatible with popular plugins. Hello Elementor offers high customizability for users with or even without coding skills.

Like all modern themes should be, it is responsive, mobile-friendly and built to deliver great performance. If you are someone with coding skills and want to customise using codes, the theme is also developer-friendly. Surely, this can be a fantastic WordPress businesses.


  • Fast and lightweight designed for speed
  • Compatibility with Elementor page builder makes it highly customizable
  • Community of users and theme authors for help
  • 100+ templates
  • WooCommerce Builder Support
  • Suitable for all kinds of websites



OceanWP is an excellent WordPress theme for any professional business site. While it is free, it does not compromise on features. The theme can be used by both developers and someone without coding knowledge.

It is designed to be friendly for search engines, responsive and fast(1.5sec Pingdom test). Ocean WP is literally a free theme with premium theme features.


  • Easily customizable
  • Responsive Design
  • Global fonts and typography support
  • Supports Elementor, Gutenberg and other popular page builders
  • Compatible with most plugins



Storefront is a theme built by WooThemes, developers of WooCommerce. It has more than 200k downloads and is best suited for WordPress online store websites.

You should undoubtedly consider this theme if you are using WooCommerce for your store. There are templates to help you build your online store and start selling quickly.

Storefront is one of the most powerful and complete eCommerce themes available. It offers clean designs, various customization options, flexibility to fit all business websites and responsive design. On top of it all, it has a community and online resources to help you build your website with this theme.

The theme has been downloaded more than 9 million times and has excellent reviews from its users. StoreFront is a comprehensive and one of the best free WordPress themes suitable for all eCommerce businesses.


  • Seamless WooCommerce Integration
  • Suitable for all sizes of eCommerce stores
  • Responsive design
  • Offers extensions for extra features
  • Supports popular page builders

Generate Press


Generate Press is an open-source theme designed to fit all kinds of websites. It is SEO friendly, responsive and mobile-friendly. Its unique feature is that it is translated into 25+ languages and can match all website sizes with its scalable nature. The theme is lightweight and you won’t have to worry about its speed. It can also be used as a magazine theme.

It has 5/5 ratings with 400k+ downloads and comes with a pro version as well. Generate Press is compatible with most WordPress plugins. The theme is best used with Elementor page builder.


  • Lightweight and fast (100% PageSpeed scores)
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins
  • SEO and mobile friendly
  • Suited to customise for both developers and non-developers



Business websites of all kinds can use Blocksy which is easily customizable with drag & drop page builder. It works just fine with most WordPress page builders and plugins you would need in your website. It has plenty of design options with customizable footer and header, widgets and layouts.

If you are looking for a fast business WordPress theme with easy-to-use features, Blocksy is the theme for you.


  • Fast and responsive design
  • Offers customization options
  • Suited for all kinds of websites
  • Widgets support

You might be familiar with Popular FX if you have used Gutenberg page builder. This theme comes with various pre-made templates which you can edit to design a website for your requirements.

Popular FX is suitable for professional business websites. It offers great performance given that it also comes packed with a lot of features.

Customizing templates is easy with the drag-and-drop page builder and PageLayer. It comes with all sorts of pre-built sections, widgets and integrations. It is also compatible with WordPress customizer, and most plugins available with 100k downloads in the WordPress store.


  • Easily customizable and also compatible with WordPress Customizer
  • Supports most plugins, page builders and add-ons
  • Comes with templates, widgets
  • Live Editing
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly



Kadence has to be one of the best free WordPress business themes; lightweight but packed with features. It is one of the best Free WordPress themes built for SEO best practices and you can customise the theme easily.

Kadence offers starter templates, block theme, plugins and a shop kit to extend features. The best part is that the theme is optimized for performance.


  • Free templates to start quickly
  • Integrates seamlessly with popular WordPress plugins
  • Suitable for eCommerce, business and professional websites
  • Optimized for performance and especially speed
  • Drag and drop editor with in-built design options
  • SEO optimized



If you are looking for a freemium modern WordPress theme with easy customizations, Sydney has to be on your list of go-to WordPress business themes.

This powerful WordPress theme is for those who want to build their business online presence quickly. Sydney is built with customisable features such as header and footer control, color options, layout control, upload logo option, full-screen slider, header image, sticky navigation and much more.


  • Theme layout options
  • Responsive design
  • Google fonts
  • Parallax backgrounds
  • Translation ready
  • Social sharing
  • A slider or static image header
  • Front page blocks
  • Cross-browser support

WP Jurist

WP jurist

This simple and boldly designed theme was developed especially for law firms. It includes all features that a law firm website needs. Besides law firms, this theme appeals to organisations who want to profile their people on the website. A big gorgeous slider that can feature any images from the gallery or the latest posts makes this theme more beautiful and eye-appealing.


  • People plugin to power a custom post type
  • Profile page template
  • Individual profile pages
  • Handy widget area
  • Separate custom blog template
  • Support post types


touch folio

Touch folio is a touch-optimised free responsive portfolio theme specially designed for photographers, designers, architects and artists. It can be used for both personal and commercial use, with no restrictions. This mobile-focused design allows efficient code customisation like Twitter Bootstrap.


  • Responsive design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Allows multiple gallery pages which are grouped by category
  • Includes two types of portfolio: gallery with list in menu and masonry gallery
  • Supports all browser
  • Built with LESS CSS
  • Fully translatable and localisable

Regina Lite

regina lite

Regina Lite is a stunning free theme designed for health and medical purposes with a professional medical appearance, handcrafted icons, beautiful large header images and a book appointment option. It has everything that a medical or health service office needs.


  • Responsive design
  • Custom widgets menu
  • Book appointment form
  • Retina and translation ready
  • Supports WooCommerce



Sparkling is a great simple WordPress theme for your start-up business or any other professional purpose. This theme comes in a clean, modern and flat design with simple fonts, unlimited color options, SEO tools, full screen featured slider and much more. The great thing about this theme is its awesome support team and the infinite scrolling effect which makes it easier for content to load.


  • Responsive and flat web design
  • Theme option panel
  • Featured slider
  • Plugin support
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Unlimited color options
  • Translation ready



This beautiful one-page designed multipurpose WordPress theme can be used for various businesses, be it corporate or creative ones. This theme has two main colours, white and grey which give it a more elegant look. Latte offers a full-width header with a modern look, social menus with big icons, full-width ribbons, Google Maps, a responsive layout, an easy customiser and much more.


  • Parallax scrolling
  • Responsive WordPress theme
  • One page design
  • Pricing tables
  • Slide out menu
  • Lazy loading effect
  • Translation ready
  • Unlimited colours



Hueman is a multipurpose mobile-friendly business theme. It comes with inbuilt social menu icons, multiple layout options and two navigation menu locations. Other features include custom colour options, a custom menu, full-width template, sidebar options, threaded comments and much more. This beautifully designed theme is fast and easy to use.


  • Responsive layout
  • Theme options panel
  • Multiple layout options
  • Mobile friendly
  • Social menu icons
  • Custom menu
  • Translation ready
  • Simple, clean design



Lensation is a full-screen WordPress gallery theme designed especially for photographers. It comes with a full-screen background slideshow effect, stunning JavaScript animations, minimise content and much more. With its social media integration feature, you can connect to Flickr, Instagram, Picasa, Pinterest and Facebook and instantly display your high-resolution photos.


  • Responsive web design
  • Awesome background slideshow
  • Five gallery templates
  • Social media integrations
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • 100% compatible with WPML



Vantage is a modern multi-purpose WordPress theme with tremendous flexibility, carefully developed to integrate and work seamlessly alongside amazing plugins. This modern, yet classic theme is for those who want to build a strong online presence.


  • Responsive layout
  • Seamless plugin integration
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Clean and high-quality code
  • Wonderful widgets
  • Powerful page builder
  • CSS editor integration



Fifteen is super trendy theme with an amazing structure suitable for your business. It has a minimalist yet dynamic design with an advanced navigation, featured images, attractive search bar and user-friendly time. Because of its grid layout, you can showcase all your work. Fifteen is the most popular theme built with Bootstrap 3.0 with 19K downloads.


  • Fully responsive
  • User-friendly theme
  • Beautiful parallax effect
  • Advanced animations
  • Cooler social icons
  • SEO optimised
  • Retina and translation ready



Another responsive design, Astrid is an elegant and clean business theme for a better online presence. You can find all the features that are you looking for, for your website in this single theme such as cool colour options, fonts option, full-width header images, custom widgets, blog options and much more.


  • Responsive web design
  • Business layout options
  • Options panel
  • Header image
  • Widgets
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Translation ready



If you are looking for a simple and elegant theme for your business then, Arcade is the right choice. This beautifully designed WordPress theme comes with a fully responsive layout compatible in all browsers. It comes with full-screen background, Google fonts, featured images, custom menus, etc.


  • Fully responsive web design
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Clean and high code quality
  • Customisation options
  • bbPress, WooCommerce, WPML and BuddyPress compatible
  • Google fonts
  • Translation ready

Full Frame


Full frame is another great theme for photographers who want to showcase their high-resolution photography online. This full-width responsive WordPress theme comes with a built-in featured content slider, custom widgets, sidebars, multiple page layouts, call-to-action buttons and much more. Besides photographers, this highly customisable and flexible theme can be used for portfolio and blogging purposes.


  • Responsive layout
  • Built on HTML5, CSS3 and theme customiser
  • Customisation options
  • Multiple page layouts
  • Full-width slider image options
  • Front page posting
  • Editor style
  • Translation ready



The colorway is a simple yet awesome theme, suitable for both your business and personal need. The theme is clean and elegant, which makes it a good choice to display your work online. It comes with customisation options such as using your own logos, backgrounds, analytics, custom footer texts and much more.


  • Responsive layout
  • Theme panel
  • Customisation options
  • Full-width page template
  • Simple, clean design



Attitude is a retina-optimised simple and clean business theme designed in 978 grids and can be easily customised with its numerous options. It comes with two site layouts, 5 layouts for every post/page, 5-page templates, 4 widget areas, featured slider images, a custom header and menu, a feed redirect option, threaded comments and much more.


  • Responsive design
  • Options panel
  • Child theme compatible
  • bbPress support
  • Custom favicon
  • Home slogan option
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Translation ready

Simple Shift

simple shift

The simple shift is a multipurpose one page designed business WordPress theme with a minimalist look. It has a clean and beautiful design. It is superbly flexible in nature and its professional look makes it suitable for businesses of all types and sizes.


  • Responsive design
  • Parallax scrolling effect
  • Unlimited colours
  • Custom widgets
  • SEO optimised
  • Social icons
  • Blog Theme Layout



With the predefined blocks in this striking business theme, you can build a homepage that best suits your business. You can also find two types of layouts for the blog page and many cool effects and animations and so on.


  • Responsive web design
  • Theme options
  • Parallax effect
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Front page blocks
  • Google fonts
  • Translation ready

Pixova Lite

pixova lite

Pixova-lite is a perfect one-page designed theme for small agencies or firms that have unlimited features in it. This professional WordPress theme has unlimited header images, a simple contact form, pie charts, a portfolio area and a blog option. This one-page scrolling theme has been rated 5 stars on wordpress.org and is becoming popular daily.


  • Responsive web design
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Parallax d lazy load dicing effects
  • Extensive documentation
  • SEO and translation ready



This simple and elegant designed WordPress one of the perfect magazine themes. It comes with beautiful typography, a full-width customisable slider, custom menus, a full-width template, a sleek web design and much more.


  • Responsive design
  • Post slideshows
  • Magazine homepage
  • Powerful options
  • SEO optimised code
  • Post meta settings
  • 3 magazine and blog posts widgets
  • Translation ready


freesia empire

Freesia Empire is an amazing multipurpose business theme that creates professional-looking websites for your business. It includes a full-screen layout, parallax scrolling, a full-width slider, an elegant portfolio section and much more.


  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Responsive design
  • Multiple layouts
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Social media buttons integrated
  • SEO friendly
  • Translation and retina ready
  • Secure, minimalist and clean code

Accesspress Lite

accesspress lite

This amazing multipurpose theme comes with lots of great features including intuitive theme options, custom CSS/JS, featured posts options, menu alignment options, sidebar options, custom logo options, portfolio layout, event/news layout, testimonial layout, blog posts layout, dedicated forum support, online chat support and much more. This feature-rich WordPress theme is great for businesses of all kinds.


  • Responsive web design
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Theme options panel
  • Social links
  • CSS3 animations
  • Multiple homepage options
  • SEO and translation ready
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • bbPress compatible
  • RTL support

Why use a Free WordPress Theme?

The most enticing feature of these themes is obviously that they are FREE. You can start your way into building a website without paying for the theme.

Free WordPress themes are one of the best ways to dive into your website journey. It will reduce your overall costs of developing a website and probably you will invest that in some other more important part of your business.

These themes are mostly simple and minimalist, meaning they are great on performance. Without the bulky features and add-ons, your website will be lightweight and fast. Free WordPress themes in WordPress.org are tested strictly and approved officially before they are made available. This means that you can be sure in terms of standards, security, privacy and code.

The themes available in WordPress Theme Directory are trusted and reliable themes with a range of basic features. Also, you can at most times, opt to upgrade your theme to get premium features and themes are available for most niches.

5 Best Themes For Core Web Vitals in 2024

Core Web Vitals are metrics created by Google to set standards for user experience. You can check your Core Web Vitals performance with Google Page Speed Test Tool. The higher your website scores in the test, the better it performs and ranks in Google SERP. It also shows you data around other user experience metrics along with suggestions.

The themes listed below are best in terms of speed, navigation and overall user experience as tested by Google PageSpeed Insights.

5 Best Free WordPress Themes for Blogs

Want to start your blogging website? Consider these free themes for your WordPress website. These are lightweight, simple and easy-to-customise free themes. With plenty of customization options, they are perfect for you to start your new simple blog website. Read our guide to the best WordPress themes for content marketers, featuring themes that are both attractive and functional.

5 Best Free WordPress Themes for Travel

If you are a travel blogger, trip planner or even a business agency. Consider using these free themes specially designed to fulfil the needs of travel bloggers and small businesses. These are the most popular free travel themes for you.

5 Best Free WordPress Themes for Magazines/NewsPortals

Looking to build a news portal or a magazine website. Use these free but powerful themes that are most used with good to excellent ratings in the WordPress theme store. Create an amazing magazine or newspaper website with these free but powerful themes.

Not satisfied with the free themes listed above? We are a Sydney-based creative agency specializing in WordPress Website Development. Contact us now.


These are the lists of best free WordPress themes that I have compiled after doing thorough research, previewing demos and going through reviews. All the themes mentioned above are responsive in nature and can be customised to perfectly match your business.

If you are a beginner, Learn WordPress to get an idea and get started building your site with Free Themes. You can select a theme of your choice from any of these mentioned free WordPress themes for your site and start building your presence online.

In some cases, using a free theme without proper research may lead to challenges. But if you do your research right, there are plenty of free WordPress themes which are no less than premium themes with upgraded features. They have worked very well even for corporates, eCommerce, and professional businesses apart from photographers and bloggers.

There are surely lots of cool and beautiful themes that would have made it to this list besides the themes I have mentioned above. Please feel free to share your favourite Free WordPress business theme and other themes that you think are worth sharing in the comment box below.

People Also Asked

How do I choose a WordPress theme for my business?

With a lot of options, it is not easy to find a perfect WordPress business theme. These are the factors you should consider before choosing a WordPress theme.

  • List the website features you need to filter out irrelevant themes.
  • Check reviews and ratings.
  • Try the theme’s Demo.
  • Check if the design matches your brand, business, and website needs.
  • Check mobile friendliness, responsiveness, and browser compatibility.
  • Check if the theme is compatible to use with WordPress plugins.
  • Check if the theme is updated regularly.
  • Check if it has support and community.
  • Check if the theme can be customised to meet your needs.

Can I use free WordPress themes for my business site?

Yes, you can use a Free WordPress theme for your website. Some might argue that Free WordPress themes do not offer support, or have enough features and are not built to perform.

But if you do your research right, there are many free themes as good as the premium ones. Check reviews, ratings, features, performance, support, and demo to ensure it is the right fit for your business.

Free WordPress themes actually are a great way to start off your website but do take your time in customizing it for your business, brand, and the services you offer.

What is a WordPress Business Theme?

Business WordPress themes are specially built to suffice the features and needs of a website for business. Some business themes may offer multiple custom page templates, designs, and widgets for business websites.

Which is the fastest free WordPress theme?

OceanWP, GeneratePress, Neve, and Astra are some of the fastest Free WordPress themes in 2024. These are lightweight themes and have excellent speed scores in GooglePageSpeed Insights Tool. Some of these themes are under 50kb and are built for performance.

Is WordPress good for a small business?

WordPress is one of the best if not the best platforms to build a small business site. In fact, most small business websites are built on WordPress. It is free, easy to customise, and does not require huge experience to get started.

You can build a website from the ground up to full functionality even in a few days. WordPress can be used to build websites for all kinds and sizes of businesses. Read more on Why WordPress is the best CMS for Small Business websites.

Which free WordPress theme is best for beginners?

Most Free WordPress themes have drag-and-drop page builders. With this feature, even a beginner can create a website on WordPress. Divi, OceanWP, Avada, and Neve are some of the simple free WordPress themes for beginners.

Is it safe to use free WordPress themes?

Having a safe and secure website is incredibly important to everyone. Free WordPress themes available in the WordPress store are tested for quality standards, safety and regulations. So, feel free to use them. Also, check the reviews and features to ensure your free theme is safe to use and is trusted by others as well.

What is the best free WordPress theme for small businesses?

Astra is one of the best free WordPress themes for your SMB’s website and can be used for every kind of website with customizations to fit your needs. It is fast, mobile-friendly, and responsive. GeneratePress, OceanWP, and Neve are other themes that offer similar features and are available for free in the WordPress theme directory.

Which free WordPress theme is the most customizable?

Hello Elementor is one of the most customizable free themes for WordPress, made by the Elementor team and compatible with their popular page builder plugin, Elementor. Divi and Astra are some of the others that offer the most customization options. Some customizations might require additional page builder plugins and add-ons.

Where can I get free WordPress themes?

You can get z free theme in the WordPress Themes Store. Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New and search for the theme you want or add filters. After finding the theme, click on Install and Activate.

Alternatively, you can download the theme file from the theme’s website and Upload the theme file from the WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New. There are other marketplaces like ThemeForest for WordPress themes.

How can I install a Free WordPress Theme?

Go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New, upload the theme file and install the theme. If you do not have the theme file, you can also search for it on the WordPress.org Themes Store and download the file.

Are Free WordPress Themes Good for Your Site?

WordPress Themes being paid or free does not tell if it is good for your website. Not all free WordPress themes are good for your site. Free themes in WordPress stores and marketplaces are reviewed before they are made available to the public. Use a theme that has positive all-around reviews, features that you need, and offers support.

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Amin Ghale

Amin Ghale

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