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If you’re eyeing a new website build, flick your project brief and any references to my email at The more you share, the more we can hit the ground running in our session.

For WordPress care or SEO, shoot over your WordPress login and top goals for the next few months. This lets me prep so we can deep dive straight away in our chat.

But hey, no stress. If you’d rather chat first and hash out the details together, that’s cool too.

Around 30 minutes should cover it.

We cut to the chase, assess your needs, and plot your digital growth.

For a website project, our chat helps me grasp your vision and needs. You’ll get actionable ideas on the spot, along with a ballpark figure and timeline. A tailored proposal will follow after our talk.

For WordPress care or SEO, the call sets the stage for a comprehensive website audit. This lets me put together a detailed plan that’ll cover all your bases—security, performance, SEO, you name it.

Either way, the goal is to give you an expert roadmap for the next steps to accelerate your growth.

It sure is.

Just a heads-up though, we only do 3 consultations a week. And we’re selective with projects, taking only 1 or 2 each month. So, only hit that ‘book’ button if you’re really keen on a top-notch WordPress partner for your growth.

Great question! In our chat, we’ll get a sense of your specific goals. Then, we’ll tailor a proposal for you. Keep in mind, custom builds start at $10k, and our monthly care or growth plans kick off at $2k.

Just grab a time that suits you on our calendar. Once that’s done, you’ll get a confirmation email. Simple as that!