How to Choose a White Label Web Development Partner?

White label

Are you a graphic designer? Marketing consultant?

or an owner of a digital agency?

Then you know the common term used in our agency world “white label partnership”.

We work with many creative agencies, graphic designers, branding consultants, and marketing agencies who are good at their craft but don’t have the technical expertise to build websites for their clients.

It’s a common challenge for creative people. Being creative is not enough for your clients. They need technical help with the website.

And the website can’t be left alone. Most of the work you do is connected to the Website in many ways.

And you can’t ignore the request from your client to revamp or look after their website.

On the other hand, let’s say you are planning to start a new Sydney website development agency, What would you do if you want to start a digital agency but don’t have the resources or the talent available to support you with website design and development?

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In both cases, the best way to go about this is to find a white label web development partner who can take all the technical hassle to plan, build and deliver your website projects..

It is just like partnering with a manufacturer and reselling their products to a wider audience. If you are still unsure how the whole concept of white-label web development works, read the whole article.

Looking for a White Label Website Partner?

What is White Label Website Design?

If you are a marketer, SEO expert, or branding expert, you don’t want to be dealing with website design stuff. But you can’t say NO to the client because the website is an integral part of what you do.

There comes White Label website design. You can find a local white label website designer who can design a website for you on your behalf and deliver it to you. White label partner won’t be putting their label on their work, that’s what is all about white label. It will be all your work, your IP, and your label but delivered by a partner.

Many digital agencies we work with, handle the client discovery, account management and planning part but rely on the technical stuff on us. That way it makes them look good, get more time to play the strategic part with the client and offer services that are not within their forte.

You need to look for a white label website agency or white label design agency to meet your website design needs.

What is White Label Web Development?

A white-label web development service creates websites without endorsing them as its own. In simple terms, a white label web development service is like ghostwriting for publications without ever mentioning that those write-ups were by you.

Just like that, a white label web development service will create websites for another agency. This second agency has multiple clients that are looking for web development services but it doesn’t have the expertise available.

So, it will hire the white label web development service and get those websites developed. It will pay for the services of the white label website development agency and charge the clients for the same while keeping a margin or commission for itself.

White Label

The best way to understand white label web development is through this image.

A local business is the end customer. It is looking to create a customized website.

Agency B is offering the services of customized website development. However, agency B doesn’t have its own developers. In fact, it is just a single marketer that has registered an agency. That marketer promotes the services of its agency.

The Local Business lands on one of its services of customized development and orders them.

Now, Agency B will send an order to Agency A, which has a team of developers, to design the website for the local business.

Agency A develops the website and delivers it to Agency B.

After receiving the deliverable, Agency B brands the website as its own product and delivers it to the client.
It is a win-win for all. Why?

Because Agency A can’t market itself/or may not have the time to market itself.

Agency B doesn’t have the resources but still gets the project through its marketing. It delivers the order with the help of Agency A and therefore both earn a commission.

Local Business is happy because it gets the website developed that it always wanted. So, all end up happy.

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How to Search for White Label Web Development Service?

There are numerous white label web development services available in the market. When searching for the right white label web development service, look for:

  • The reviews of each white label website developer on Google Local Search and their websites or B2B rating websites
  • See the portfolio of white label website developers and their most complex projects. This will give you an idea about the scope of the work of various development agencies.
  • Check out their pricing packages and compare them. Almost all white label website development services have negotiable prices. So, don’t settle for the first offer that comes your way.
  • Interview the white label web developers and ask them questions regarding their processes, the revision process, team coordination, client handling, and to and-fro communication. When you ask them questions related to their nature of work, you will get to know the agency better.
White label website design agency

Hiring Your White Label Web Development Partner

Once you have shortlisted a few web development partners, now comes the tough part.

1. Setting Expectations from the Start

Make sure that you set the right expectations from the start. If you require updates on a regular basis regarding your project, tell it to the agency straightforward. Ask them if they assign a dedicated account manager for their clients, if not how does the process work.

Set the right expectations from the start so that the development agency knows that you mean business. If they are not serious about their work, they won’t get more work from your side.

2. Get Familiar With the Processes

Before ordering a project, get yourself familiar with the processes of the white label web development partner. This will give you an idea about the turnaround time and completion of each project. It will help you later in setting a realistic project completion deadline for your clients.

The best way to familiarize yourself is to have a demo call with the development partners. Take their interviews and ask them questions related to their work ethics.

3. Give a Test Project

Now that you have familiarized yourself with your web development partner, it is time to test their technical expertise. So, give the white label development agency a test project to work on. Make sure that the project is small so that you can see how the whole process of working with your website development agency works.

4. Set Milestones and Regular Project Reviews

Set milestones for the completion of the project and ask the project manager for regular updates. If the company uses any project management software, then ask them to add you as the client so that you stay updated about the progress of your system.

Setting realistic milestones from the very start will not only save you money, but it will also ensure that you get work done faster.

5. Feedback on First Project

Once the project is complete, provide comprehensive feedback to the white development partner. This feedback should include what things you liked about their work, what things you didn’t like about their work, and what things can be improved.

See what they say about the feedback. Most agencies will be willing to improve the way they work.

6. Decide Future Plan

Once the first project is complete, analyze it again. See if the white label development agency has left anything out of the project. Ask them for proper revisions so that they can complete the work properly.

Now that you have seen the project, decide whether you want to hire the white label development agency or look for another one.

You can also test the development agency by offering it a second project – but this one is not mandatory.

7. Repeat

Now you have boarded the white label development agency, it is time to repeat the same process. Simply give the white label web development agency more projects to work on. This will help you know what types of projects the web development agency works on and their complete process from ideation to completion.

If you are satisfied with the white label web development agency, then you can hire them for more projects. Or, if you are not satisfied with the development agency, you can simply repeat the whole process and find a development agency that works for you.

White Label Web Design Services

There are many web design agencies that offer white label website design services, especially who has a hybrid business model – a local team of account managers and technical expertise overseas. For example, there are many agencies in Australia who has a design or dev team base in the Philippines or India or Nepal. They can offer you cost-effective white label design services that make sense to your business.

With the hybrid business model, the cost to get a website designed or build can be cheaper compared to the cost of a local WordPress team. For that reason, if you are looking to outsource your website design or WordPress maintenance services and make some profit margin, it’s one of the best strategies in the market.

That way you don’t have to risk of building your own local team. There will be a lot of hits and trials when it comes to hiring a team. Even if you are able to build a great talented design team in one go, there is risk and cost in retaining talents. You need to have a constant flow of work to engage them and sustain the team.

Things to look for in a WordPress Development Partner

Here is a list of things that you should look for in a WordPress development partner when hiring them for your business.

Customer Support

First thing first: You need to know what type of customer support they offer to their customers. This would include how fast they close tickets. If their customer support representatives are experts in their field. Do they know how to handle different types of users? These are just some types of questions you should observe in any customer support team. If they pass this criteria, move to the next one to evaluate them further.

Expertise in Site Development

Next, you should look at their expertise in website development. Are they WordPress site development experts? Do they offer all types of site customizations? Do they offer theme development from scratch? Are they creating ecommerce stores for their clients? Do they offer monthly website maintenance services for their users?

These are just some of the questions you should ask them. Observe them closely to see how they handle their client’s queries. Do they respond to their clients? If so, what is the response time for each ticket?

If a client gets into an emergency, how will they respond to that? Do they have technical teams available 24/7?

These questions will help you understand how professional the WordPress development agency that you plan to hire as your development partner is.

Previous Work

Make sure to check the previous work of the agency that you plan to hire as your WordPress development partner.

The agency will have case studies of its previous clients. You can directly get in touch with them to see what type of services the agency has offered them.

You can also ask the agency for their previous work if none is available on their website. This will help you find out what type of services they offer to their users. If the services are similar to what you need, check their prices and compare with other agencies.

Pricing Comparison

Most agencies don’t offer any pricing on the website. This is mostly because the project of each user is different and it is really difficult to provide an accurate price quote.

So, just contact them and discuss your project. They will discuss with their dedicated WordPress developers and provide you with a pricing quote.

Similarly, do this with all the WordPress development partners that you have shortlisted for your business. When you have pricing of multiple agencies available, you can compare them and decide which one is offering the most value to you as a user.


This one sounds less important but it is not. Vision drives a company’s growth. Ask the WordPress development partner agency that you want to hire for your business about its future goals. Find out where they see the agency in the next five years. Do they have any ambitious goals? Do they keep their old clients with them and do they value them? Their answers will help you decide if you should hire them for your business success.

Most agencies that value their old clients have better customer support and service overall.

Shortlist & Trial

Once you have a few WordPress development partners shortlisted, you can give all of them a trial project to see how they work with you.

A small trial project will not only help you find the right partner for your business but you will not spend a lot for hiring someone that you can trust with your project.

Freelancer Vs White Label Website Agency

When it comes to outsourcing your website design and development work, you have multiple options. One of the popular options people go with is finding a local freelance WordPress developer to build their website. That way, they have more control over the cost and can also meet with the local developer when required.

freelance wordpress developer

There are many benefits to hiring a freelance developer. The key is finding the developer that meets your needs. One of the biggest challenges based on our clients’ experiences is the skill set. Usually, freelancers prefer to work alone and sell the skills and experience they have to you. What if you need more than one expertise to complete the project?

For example, some freelance web designers are not great at development tasks, QA, and Project management. For that reason, many agencies opt for a white label website agency over Freelancers.

At WP Creative, we offer a team of experts for you to get things done. From UI designer, front-end developer, and backend to QA and Project Manager. You need a team from the army to get things done when comes to a complex or custom build website.

White Label WordPress Development Agency

As you know, there are many ways you can build a website. Some people go for Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, Webflow like DIY tools to build a site and some people go with WordPress like more flexible CMSs.

WordPress is the most popular website CMS that powers more than 44% internet in the world. If you are looking for a white label WordPress developer to build your website on WordPress, we specialise in WordPress website development and can help you with all your WordPress needs.

We also offer ongoing WordPress maintenance and support services so you don’t have to worry about the website having issues, solving WordPress security issues & risks, or going down whatsoever. You can focus on your clients and help growing your business, we look after all the technical work and the WordPress tasks.

Why Do You Need a WordPress Web Development Partner?

Online businesses thrive on web development success. They want features that can work in their favour. They want fast and working websites and they want a smooth user experience. All this is possible when a business has a dedicated developer on board.

Most businesses can’t get the services of dedicated developers because of the hefty price tag. That’s where WordPress development team partners come in.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that anyone can use to launch their business website.

However, it also needs technical expertise to develop and customize the websites. Not everyone has the knowledge or the resources available to customize their sites on WordPress. This is where WordPress development partner agencies come to help.

WordPress users can hire WordPress agencies on a per-project or a retainer basis to get their development issues resolved.

Difference Between WordPress Development Partners and In-house Developers

WordPress development partners are a lot different from in-house developers because they are associated with an agency. You hire their services for maintaining your website. On the other hand, you hire in-house developers on a full-time contract. They are your permanent employees and you have to pay their salaries even if they are not working on their project.

That is not the case with WordPress development partners because you won’t be paying for their services if you hire them on a project basis.

Are you looking for a reliable WordPress website design agency in Perth and Western Australia? Please reach out to one of our WordPress Experts in Perth to discuss your requirements.

How to Hire WordPress Development Agencies?

This is a complicated question. Many WordPress development agencies exist that you can contact for a monthly retainer.

Many platforms and b2b rating services exist that can connect you with the right type of WordPress development agency. These b2b rating platforms host reviews and ratings of agencies that provide WordPress development services.

You can see their reviews, even talk to their previous clients, and then hire them when you think they are the best fit for your business.


It is time to search for a suitable white label development partner that can offer you the best value for the money. If you are uncertain about where to start your search for a white label web development partner, then you can get help from our WordPress development experts.

We offer fully white-label customised web development solutions. Get in touch to know more about our services and plans.

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