Tips to increase traffic in your WordPress website

tips increase traffic wp

Before proceeding to today’s topic, it is essential to know what web traffic actually is. Well, it is an internet marketing approach of generating visitors towards the website. In WordPress website, mostly WordPress site proprietors or designers are preferred to improve the traffic towards the site. The main way of generating the website traffic is the search engine. It is also considered as a cost-effective technique to boost traffic towards the site.

Realising your website operates 24/7 gives the significance of capturing WordPress website traffic. An improved traffic denotes opportunity to gain profits for your company.

Besides, it’s essential to understand that web flow traffic is never same. There can be a period where your website is getting peak number of visitors while there could be times where you hardly get any visitors. Thus, realising the pick time helps to identify the traffic flow that works enhancing the targeted traffic.

Are you struggling to make your WordPress website available in Google? Willing to increase traffic to your WordPress website? If yes, follow this article to find some actionable tips to increase WordPress website traffic.

Tips to increase traffic in your WordPress website

1. Get benefits from social media

social media

Today, social media has become popular as audiences visit social media platforms for various purposes. Well, you can take an advantage of these platforms. Social sharing is most useful techniques which allow you to drive targeted traffic to your WordPress site. This can be the fine way to keep your users updated regarding your recent post. Using an auto-sharing tool allows you to publish the post to different social networking sites. This surely is an effective way to increase WordPress website traffic. Also, there are services like Buffer and hoot suite that not only saves time but makes your social media strategies measurable. Add your social links and share contents from your social accounts like instagram on your website.

Some  ideal social media plugins for WordPress website are:


This plugin is ideal for the users who desires for the simple button. You can also find more that 120 social channels to select from like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many others.


When you run a trendy website, this social media plugin can be perfect for your business. This plugin also offers you the option to add the relevant post feature at the bottom of the article.


This plugin is mainly used for outstanding and attractive horizontal floating share bar. The social media plugin also allows showing share button at the top or bottom of your post.

2. Start developing your email list


To increase WordPress website traffic, better start developing your email list. Above 70% of users exploring your WordPress website might not come back again. Thus, better build an email list as enables direct access to the users. Also, it is more helpful compared to other marketing tools.

3. Use Professional Blog Design


One of the tips to increase WordPress website traffic is to use of professional blog design. Remember, your website should have professional images that you want to show the users. This highlights your brands, improving credibility and increasing sales as well as revenue. If the aim of  WordPress website is to increase traffic, then make sure your website is attractive and comfortable to explore.

Additionally, it is necessary to follow responsive web design to make the size of your site fit well on all the devices. Do not forget to use eye fonts and eye-pleasing colours. Using a sidebar can be ideal to help visitors navigate your blog.

4. Keep on posting the quality content


Everyone loves fresh and informative contents. This can be a reason for your visitors to come back to your site again and again. To make your website effective, update your website regularly. You can do this with new, creative and informative blog post which influences users towards the site repeatedly.

Make your blog influential following these points:

  • Add visual support to represent videos, Infographics or photos relevant to your article.
  • Use white space to ensure your content is simple and easy to read.
  • Provide unique and quality content regularly
  • Focus on font and colour, make sure they are readable.

5. Make sure you have SEO-friendly website

SEO friendly

Along with a user-friendly website, you should develop the site that is easily interpreted by search engines. This allows them to crawl and index your content resourcefully. Fortunately, WordPress web platform is an SEO-friendly solution developed in SEO features like custom page slugs.

Conversely,  your web solution should be arranged and organised properly to assist your content rank well.  The themes of the website should utilise header tag properly in templates with proper HTML and CSS validation. You also can take benefits of other navigation design features.

Search engine plugins like Infinite SEO and All in One SEO Pack is used in optimising the pages, titles and Meta description. Most of the WordPress SEO plugins can be utilised to develop a sitemap for your WordPress web solution.

Better make some time to optimise all your blog posts on your WordPress web solution. You can also use Yoast SEO. It appears with a post analysis tool that helps to notice an SEO score relevant to the focus keyword that you add.

6. Pick up the topics wisely


Pick up the topics wisely is one of the tips to increase WordPress website traffic. The topic you use should manipulate the readers who read your articles. If you are publishing different types of the basic tutorial on a subject you will influence many beginners. Similarly, publishing advanced tutorial you are likely to influence the reader with more experience in the indicated subject.

Better research the topic and pick it up wisely planning durable content strategies. This generates targeted traffic from the readers who probably subscribes to your blog.

Wrapping Up,

These are some handy tips to increase WordPress website traffic. There are different ways to boost the traffic. The article with good qualities expected to be read by the users. This definitely increases incoming links and search engine traffic.

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Sujata Shrestha

Sujata Shrestha

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