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plugins for wordpress for mobile compatibility

Today, many people prefer to use mobile devices to explore the internet. In response to the mobile trends, most of business has developed website that is mobile-compatible. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS. These days, many businesses desire to develop their online presence in WordPress as it is easy to update and manage. So, developing a WordPress site with mobile-friendly functionality will be beneficial for the business.

If your WordPress site is not mobile-compatible, you do not need to worry as there are various WordPress plugin available that makes your site mobile-compatible. Making your online presence mobile-compatible helps you to reach more audiences as well.

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3 Plugins for Mobile Friendly WordPress Website


Mobile plugin for WordPress WPtouch automatically adds simple as well as elegant mobile themes for mobile users to your WordPress site. It switches your WordPress site for various mobile devices, providing smooth effects while viewing from most recognised mobile web browsing devices. It is highly recommended by search engine Google and also enables the mobile compatible version of your site passing the Google mobile test making sure that your rankings will not drop because of integrating mobile-compatible website.

It is highly recommended by search engine Google and also enables the mobile compatible version of your site passing the Google mobile test making sure that your rankings will not drop because of integrating mobile-compatible website.

WPtouch Pro is also available that has various improved themes suitable for a blog, site and WooCommerce retailer. The admin panel of WPtouch lets you tailor various features of its appearances, delivering quickly the usable and attractive edition of your website to your mobile users deprived of updating a single bit of code.

WordPress Plugin WPtouch

WP Mobile Detect

WordPress Plugin WP Mobile Detector automatically detects at the time audience uses a standard mobile device and loads a compatible WordPress mobile theme for each. The difficulty in developing Responsive WordPress theme is maintaining the responsive integrity after the site is live. User Administrators contain the limited coding capacity that prevents them from updating the theme that is mobile-compatible with the theme.

User Administrators contain the limited coding capacity that prevents them from updating the theme that is mobile-compatible with the theme.

The main objective of WP Mobile detect is to make simple for anyone who desires to wrap content in the editor with shortcodes hiding the contents compatible with the device of users at a server level. Additionally, WP Mobile detect also provides the capability to wrap the infographics with the shortcode which makes WordPress show the content only when the user is not using the mobile devices.

WordPress Plugin WP Mobile Detect


Mobile Press refers to the plugin for WordPress rendering a mobile compatible version of the WordPress website or blogs. It lets for custom themes together with some additional mobile compatible setting. This plugin consists of various versions among them the recent 1.2 version is rewriting as well as reorganising plugins as it moves towards a Mobile press 2.0 versions. The main concept of 1.2 versions is to change the present base and the recent update with amazing attributes.

WordPress plugin MobilePress

Tips To Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Friendly

Currently, most of the online shoppers prefer to shop through mobile devices rather than a desktop computer for their ease. Open Source Content Management system (CMS) WordPress provides an ability to develop an incredible website that operates on each and every device. Unluckily, most of the people are unknown with the web page suitable for the entire screen as well as devices. If you are among them, then this article will provide you with some useful tips to make your WordPress Website Mobile-friendly.

Select your Web hosting service properly

Time-consuming, as well as untrustworthy service provided by your web hosting company, can influence any mobile-friendly changes made by you within your site. Therefore, select your web hosting company properly with a proper research and analysis.

Go for a suitable Mobile compatible WordPress theme

Selecting a suitable mobile compatible WordPress theme helps you to have a constant web practice towards your audiences within various devices as well as screen and resolutions. Some of the premium WordPress themes are also available, you can use them to make your site mobile friendly. Thus, go for a suitable theme with a tag of “responsive layout” and that makes your mobile site running with better user functionality. See our list of Best WordPress themes that you can use for your business websites.

Install and activate an appropriate plugin

The greatest benefit of having WordPress website, it benefits your site with lots of plug-ins that are obtainable. However, there are various plugins available, it is essential to choose the one that will help in making your WordPress website operate well on all the devices. Also, make sure to update your WordPress to the latest version to eliminate compatibility issues. Thus, you need to make use of an appropriate plugin that will help you to make your WordPress website Mobile friendly.

One of the Great WordPress plug-ins that will make your site mobile friendly is WPtouch. It operates simply by uploading a simple mobile theme for your mobile users. With the use of this plugin, the mobile version of your website appears to be stylish, user-friendly with quick operations. Including WPtouch you can find a lot of plugins that you can make use of such as Any M Mobile Theme Switcher, WP Mobile Edition and much more.

Create mobile-friendly content

It is very important to structure your content to make it mobile- friendly. The content you create should be easily viewed on the entire device with a simple navigation. Some of the ways to make mobile-friendly are mentioned below:

• Make the font size larger.
• Plenty of Whitespaces
• Short and understanding headings
• Break the text into subsections and subtitles
• Include the key information on the top of your website

Apply Image Optimisation

One of the most significant elements of your website is images. However, they can considerably slow down your website and make your site less mobile- friendly. Thus, you can get out of this problem by optimising the images and make your WordPress website mobile friendly.

Wrapping Up,

At the moment, Google supports the websites that are mobile friendly, fitting in all the devices. Thus, if your business website is not mobile compatible then you are making your business behind the recent trend and out of the rank from Google. These are the tips that will help to make your WordPress website Mobile Friendly.

With the increase in mobile users, developing an online presence that performs well on all the devices is very essential. I hope the WordPress plugins that I have mentioned above will make your business useful making your WordPress site mobile-compatible.

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