Do You Need a Developer for a WordPress Project?

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This is a serious-yet-confusing question. The irony is that everyone that is looking to get a WordPress website developed for business or leisure has to answer it.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most obvious reasons you need a WordPress developer for your website project. And, we are also going to touch on the reasons when you can go about without hiring a WordPress developer for your project.

That being said, let’s learn all about WordPress development and how and when to hire a WordPress developer for your needs.

First thing first…

WordPress Project & Developer Requirement

Yes, not every WordPress project requires a developer. WordPress is easy and anyone that has basic knowledge of operating a computer can find their way around WordPress. They can literally create a website from scratch, install a theme on it, and make the website live.

But, not everyone can customize a WordPress website. That is where the expertise of a WordPress developer is required.

For starters, a blogging website doesn’t require a WordPress developer to create or customize it. Yes, when it starts to get a lot of traction, and site owners decide they would want to turn it into something different like an eCommerce store only then a developer would be needed.

On the other hand, an eCommerce store that has millions of products on it would require the need of a WordPress developer. There are two reasons for that.

  1. The WooCommerce store would require scalability and stability. A good WordPress developer would ensure that the site doesn’t have heavy pages; that the pages load on time; that the number of scripts on the site pages is low.
  2. The site needs to be customized from time to time. This would involve design changes, conversion rate optimization, optimizing buyer journeys, and adding relevant enhancements to the website.

These are only possible when the WordPress developer is on board.

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When to Get a Developer for Your WordPress Project?

You have to decide:

  1. What is your purpose with the website?
  2. What is your budget?
  3. Do you need a freelancer or a contractual employee?
  4. When will you need the WordPress developer?

Let’s discuss these questions about WordPress development in detail.

Purpose of the Website:

It is important to decide what is the main purpose of the website. Where do you think you want to go with the website moving forward. Is it an eCommerce store? Is it a blogging website? What is the monetization method going to be?

Budget of the Website:

If your budget is low, don’t bother looking for a WordPress developer yet. It is better if you think of alternative options available like getting a page builder or getting a premium theme only. You can think of adding a WordPress developer to your project once you have recurring sales.

Freelancer vs Contractual Employee:

Freelance web designer cost will be more in the short term but they are experts in their game. If you hire the freelancer at a fixed rate, he/she is going to work and complete your project within the desired time.

Contractual employees on the other hand won’t be an expert. You will have to hire them for at least half a year or a complete year. They will be part of your company – usually on the payroll. The expertise of contractual employees varies based on their experience and projects.

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Advantages of Hiring a WordPress Developer

  1. You will get an expert that can take care of your website
  2. The WordPress expert can add customizations that you wish to add to the website
  3. The developer will keep the site maintained and optimize it for performance
  4. You won’t have to pay extra for plugins and themes because the developer will handle most of the back-end coding

Disadvantages of Hiring a WordPress Developer

  1. WordPress site developers are costly. You will have to keep a separate budget for the WordPress developer costs.
  2. Depending on your site requirements, the launch of the website can get delayed
  3. If the WordPress developer is not in-house, he/she will have to be retained on a monthly retainer. This can add extra burden on your already decided budget
  4. If you compare both pros and cons, you will see that hiring WordPress developers is a far better option for anyone that doesn’t know how to customize a website and is looking to create a professional website for business.

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Should You Build a Website Yourself?

After reading the pros and cons of hiring a WordPress developer, you must be thinking ‘Should I create my own WordPress website?’

The answer varies on a number of factors. We will be highlighting them:

  1. How complex is your project?
  2. Does your WordPress project require programming?
  3. Is there a plugin that you can use to manage all the functioning of your project?
  4. Can you use a page builder to create your WordPress website?
  5. Can you customize your WordPress website yourself?

Your answer to these questions will give you a broader picture about whether to create your own WordPress website or to hire a WordPress developer to create it from scratch.

If you already have a WordPress website available, choosing a WordPress retainer agency will also be a good idea. Most WordPress retainers cost as low as $500 per month (depending on project requirements). You can get them to work on your project if needed. Otherwise, you won’t pay them anything.

This will be a win-win for both – you and the agency – and it will also help you save more in development costs.

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Where to Find Quality WordPress Developers?

There are many options available to businesses to find top quality WordPress developers. Your first bet is of course Google search. But don’t just hire any WordPress development agency that you see on top. Most of these are unreliable. First check their ratings and reviews on top b2b rating platforms like G2Crowd, Clutch, Goodfirms, and

Now decide if you liked their work and if hiring them will add value to your WordPress project.

You should also check the following when hiring a WordPress developer for your project.

  1. Their past experience
  2. Their portfolio
  3. Their client testimonials
  4. Their expertise: Back-end or Front-end
  5. Do they fit your needs?

If you are hiring a single WordPress developer, then you can hire them from freelancing websites like Guru and Freelancer. Check their LinkedIn profile to make sure they are a legit person and not some scammer.

If you are hiring a WordPress development agency, you can get in touch with them for a free consultation. This will help you understand what type of work the agency can do for you and whether it is the right one for your business.

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