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how to pick up best wp hosting

Content management system WordPress is well-admired by most of the companies and company owners. To run your WordPress site in a better way, you need to pick up the best WordPress hosting service. Picking up the best WordPress hosting service for your website might be troubling so you need to pay more attention while choosing a reliable hosting service.

WordPress hosting service helps to make your WordPress site available on the web. Through this service, you can make your business popular among the users all over the globe. If you are really worried and confused on picking up best WordPress hosting service then reading this article will surely be useful. This article provides you complete guidance on choosing a reliable hosting service to present your website in a better way.

Since there are lots of web hosting alternatives available and they are free, shared, VPS, dedicated servers and managed WordPress hosting. You have to research all the options and decide on the applicable web hosting which harmonises your business goal.

Most of the WordPress hosting company offers technology and server space for sale to the customers willing to execute site on the web. Web hosting service can be considered as an apartment landlord where personal apartment presents server space for lease. Similarly, you need a house to survive and the website requires server together with a hosting provider for its existence.

However, your sites are managed by WordPress web publishing software which needs an extra resource to execute effortlessly and balance while your website acquires maximum traffic. At the moment, almost all the web hosting companies declare that you are capable of installing and executing WordPress on their server.

Now, let us give quick look on all the web hosting types:

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared WordPress hosting is one of the well-recognized types of hosting available in the marketplace. This hosting can be a good choice for WordPress beginners as it is reasonably priced.

Through shared hosting packages numerous sites are hosting mutually on the similar server, which indicates you are sharing a part of the internet with many other low traffic sites. This truly makes the host take less charge for their plans.


  • Cost-effective
  • You can find many hosts to select from
  • Simple and easy for basic function
  • Contains negotiable cPanel which can be accessed easily
  • Holds one-click preference to install WordPress


  • As your WordPress website starts to grow quickly, you have to upgrade because of server load
  • Expensive upgrades
  • Shared server may have slow website presentation

VPS WordPress hosting


Virtual Private Server (VPS) refers to the server, which is partitioned into a section which acts as its personal server. Normally, it is cheaper compared to the shared server yet encloses more functionality and flexibility compared to shared plan. This is one plus point of VPS WordPress hosting which you need to think about while acquiring maximum traffic to your WordPress website.

Furthermore, almost every VPS plan contains a control panel for making navigation and maintenance of the site more simple and convenient. This benefits you from disturbance of messing all over with low-level system management.


  • Provides much more control on the way your server is setup
  • Contains privacy of a smaller server
  • Executes more precise software
  • Supports website with maximum traffic


  • Expensive compared to shared hosting
  • Need to manage and organise VPS if you lack technical knowledge

WordPress Dedicated Server


WordPress dedicated server encloses just one web host which has complete control of the whole server. It also allows leasing physical server straight from web hosting provider. This server will not be shared with anyone and also offers you full control on your setup.

Picking up a dedicated server provides your WordPress website with a superior level of security, uptime and speed. Additionally, it also lets you move further than the source restrictions found in shared hosting surrounding.


  • Complete control of your personal dedicated server
  • Maximises site performance, making it much quicker
  • Good selection for very high-traffic sales


  • Can be Expensive
  • Recommended for the one with technical experience only

Managed WordPress hosting


Managed WordPress hosting is a bit dissimilar compared to the hosting mentioned above. This web hosting type is a complete hands-free choice which makes you free to pay more attention to additional things like writing, developing products, marketing and promoting. It also helps in optimising your WordPress site for loading a page instantly, regular backup, securing your WordPress site and provide good support as well as maintenance.

This WordPress hosting type can be a great choice for an individual who lacks technical skills and expertise, time and the one who are unwilling to deal with every technical feature of executing a WordPress website. One of the good examples of this hosting is WPEngine which takes your trouble away maintaining the hosting as a team of WordPress proficient will be always available for installing and optimising your setups for best performance.


  • Totally managed and organised by well-trained experts in WordPress
  • Optimises the performances of your website with regular backup
  • Keeps your website protected and safe
  • Applicable for the users who lack technical knowledge


  • Only capable of hosting a WordPress website
  • Extremely expensive if you prefer to host numerous websites

Big Names and Recommended Ones:

There are some good names going in the web hosting industry that has taken the space prominently. Some names like Bluehost, Hostgator, site ground are most popular among people. Whereas, there are sites that aren’t too popular but still packs a punch when it comes to reliability. iPage is one of those hosting servers that I generally recommend to our clients. Similarly, I have found major success with web hosting hub. Although this site was launched in mid-2001, it doesn’t get the honourable mentions it deserves. If you are confused about it, this handy little web hosting hub review guide will help you through

To Wrap Up,

These are some of the best WordPress hosting types which you need to pick up carefully. To find a WordPress hosting service for your new site might be difficult as there are many options and many things to consider.

Eventually, the hosting packages that you pick up rely on the type of website you have. All the types of hosting plan enclose its own advantages and disadvantage, so it is good to research on each of them and decide on the suitable one that harmonises your future plans as well.

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Nirmal Gyanwali, Director of WP Creative

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