How to Clear Cache in WordPress?

Guide on How to clear cache in WordPress website

Just made changes to your WordPress website but the changes are not reflected in the website? You might want to learn how to clear cache in WordPress to see the latest changes. But why you might ask. 

Websites use caching technique to store website files and data in a temporary location so that it can be accessed quickly. It basically helps in reducing server load, speed up page load times and provide an overall smoother experience. So, there are times when the cache must be cleared to ensure that the latest updates and changes are properly reflected on the website. 

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In this post, we will discuss the various types of caching, the benefits of clearing cache, and detailed steps to clear cache using different methods and tools. 

What is Cache in WordPress?

Before we get into the methods of clearing cache, it’s essential to understand what cache is and what types of cache your WordPress site can use. 

In simple terms, cache is a temporary storage that holds copies of your website’s data to help in speeding up the website by loading previously stored data instead of fetching it from the server every time. Website speed is crucial and this is specifically why websites use cache.

Types of Cache in WordPress Websites

Depending on the configuration, there are various types of caches being used. Lets dive into the cache types your WordPress site might be using.

Browser Cache

Browser cache stores website data like images, scripts, and stylesheets on the user’s device, making repeat visits faster.

Server Cache

Server cache stores web pages and data on the server, reducing the need to process the same request multiple times.

Plugin Cache

Created by caching plugins that are installed on your website’s backend.

CDN Cache

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is used to deliver your website files from the nearest physical location. CDN cache stores copies of your site’s data on multiple servers worldwide for faster access.

Why is Clearing Cache Important?

While using cache is important, clearing cache is equally crucial in WordPress. 

Improve Website Performance

A sluggish website is often a result of an overloaded cache. If your website is slow, sometimes your clogged cache can be the reason and clearing the cache can improve your website performance.

Resolve Update Issues

Sometimes, changes you make on your website may not appear immediately due to cached data on your browser or server. Clear your cache to see the website updates.

Website Not Showing Latest Changes

If your website doesn’t reflect the changes you’ve recently made, it’s a clear sign that your cache needs clearing.  

After Updating Plugins or Themes

Whenever you update your WordPress plugins or themes, it’s important to clear the cache to ensure that the updates are correctly applied and visible.

Resolving Website Errors or Bugs

Clearing the cache can help you pinpoint the issue by displaying the latest version of your website. Sometimes, this is all you need to resolve issues caused by corrupted or outdated cached files.

How to Clear Browser Cache in WordPress?

How to Clear Browser Cache in WordPress

Steps for Clearing Browser Cache in Chrome

Open Chrome.

Click the three dots in the upper-right corner to open the menu, Click on settings and then on Privacy and Security.


Click on Clear browsing data, select “Cached images and files” and choose the time range.

image 1

Click “Clear data.”

How to Clear Browser Cache in Firefox

Open Firefox.

Click the three horizontal lines (hamburger menu) in the upper-right corner.

Go to Options > Privacy & Security and Scroll down to the “Cookies and Site Data” section.

image 5

Click “Clear Data” and select “Cached Web Content.”

image 6

Click “Clear.”

How to Clear Cache with WordPress Plugins

How to Clear Cache Using WP Rocket Plugin

Log in to the WordPress Admin Dashboard. 

Install and activate WP Rocket plugin (if you have not already done it).

In the WP-Admin sidebar, Go to Settings > WP Rocket.

image 4

Click on Clear and Preload Cache. You can also clear cache using the top WordPress bar as shown in the screenshot below.  

How to clear WordPress cache using WP Rocket plugin

This is similar for most WordPress cache plugins. In W3 Total cache and other plugins you will find an option to clear cache in your WordPress Admin bar.

W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache: Provides comprehensive caching options, including page, database, and object caching.

WP Rocket: User-friendly interface, automatic optimization, and various caching features.

See the full list on our blog – WordPress Cache Plugin Guide 

How to Clear WordPress Server Cache?

Using Hosting Control Panel

Some servers offer caching control with an option to clear server cache via the control panel. To clear server cache you will need to Log in to your hosting account, find the cache management option, and clear it. If you’re unsure, contacting your hosting provider’s support team is a good idea. They can guide you or clear the cache for you.

How to Clear the WordPress Cache Using SSH

If your hosting provider offers SSH (Secure Shell) access, you can clear your WordPress cache using a simple command. Run the cache flush command below to clear the WordPress cache.

$ wp cache flush

Regular Cache Clearing Schedule

It is recommended to set a schedule to clear your cache regularly to maintain optimal website performance and prevent issues. Additionally, consider using plugins or WordPress hosting features that allow for automatic cache clearing. This way you can ensure your site remains fast and up-to-date without even when you miss it.

Whether you are using browser caching, server-side caching, or plugin-based caching, knowing how to clear cache in WordPress is essential for issue resolving, displaying updated contents, and speeding up your site. 

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