Keyword Research For WordPress: Why It Is Important And How Can You Do It?

Keyword Research For WordPress

When it comes to the online world, Search Engine Optimisation is all the rage. Websites continually strive to get a higher search engine ranking. This is because higher search engine ranking ensures that your website receives more and more web traffic.

One of the most crucial ways in which a website can get a higher search engine ranking is by using the right and relevant keywords. When you use the right keywords in your website’s URL, permalink, content, and blogs, the chances of search engines showing your website in the search results increase tremendously.

Businesses often make the grave mistake of not using the relevant keywords. They end up making this mistake because they are not aware of the importance of keywords for their WordPress website’s SEO. Neither do they know how to research and find out the right keywords? Resultantly, their website’s SEO ranking suffers in the long-term.

Since we believe in spreading awareness about all the right things related to WordPress, in this article, we will guide you regarding the importance of doing keyword research and the appropriate way of doing so. And if you still think you won’t be able to do this yourself, get in touch and our Sydney SEO specialists will help you out!

Let’s get started!

Why is keyword research important?

What do you do when you want to gather information on a certain topic?

We are sure that you go to your preferred search engine site, type down your topic of interest, and press the ‘search’ button. Once you have done that, the search engine lists down the most relevant results.

There is no doubt that in today’s digital landscape, search engines are the one-stop solution for most of the queries. Whenever a query arises in anyone’s mind, the person straight on heads to a search engine site.

Keywords are quite essential because they help your website’s content reach to your target audience. This ensures that more and more people visit your website. It not only increases the inflow of traffic but also helps with the conversion rate.

Hence, it is important that you use the right and relevant keywords. You cannot figure out which keywords to choose for your business website until or unless you carry out thorough keyword research. Research helps you in deciding appropriate keywords so that your internet marketing campaign becomes successful and does not fail.

The ideal keywords are considered to be those that a huge number of people from your target audience use in the search engines, yet very few of your competitors use them in their content.

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How to find the right keywords for your website?

You can find the most appropriate keywords for your WordPress website by following these 6 simple steps!

Step 1 – Brainstorm and list down topics related to your business

The ideal way is to start off with thinking about topics which you want to be ranked on search engine sites. You will be able to shortlist around 10-15 generic topics which will be relevant to your business. These topics can then be used to come up with a couple of relevant keywords that can be used in the content of your website.

You can come up with the best possible topics by putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Imagine yourself as the client of the business that you are running and then think about what will you type in the search engine bar when looking up for a similar business.

Step 2 – Figure out keywords relevant to the topics identified

Once you have shortlisted a number of topics related to the theme of your business, it is now time to come up with keyword phrases relevant to those topics. You need to think of keywords that will help with search engine optimization. Usually, these keywords are those words that your target audience enters in the search bar of search engines.

The rationale behind this step is not to finalise your list of keywords. Instead, it is just to brainstorm all the possible keywords that your target audience is likely to use to reach your website. You can narrow down the list of keywords later.

One of the ways in which you can come up with the right keywords for your website is by finding out which keywords are already being used to find your website. For that, you would have to download a website analytics software. There are a lot of options available in the market. Two of the most reliable options are Google Analytics and Traffic Analytics Tool.

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Step 3 – Do research on related search terms

We do realise that doing keyword research is easier said than done. It is indeed a mind-boggling process. If you are having a hard time with brainstorming relevant keywords, there is an easier way out. You can enter a relevant keyword on Google’s search bar and then you will notice that Google will suggest a few other relevant keywords at the bottom of the page. You can have a look at these suggestions generated by Google and think of other relevant keywords.

You can continue this exercise by searching the keyword suggestions that Google initially showed and then going through the suggestions displayed at the bottom of the page. This process should continue until or unless you are able to come up with a considerable number of related and relevant keywords.

If you think this task requires a lot of time and being a business manager you do not have enough time to dedicate to this task, you can always reach out to us for help. We have been designing and developing SEO optimised websites for years. Hence, we have quite some experience with keyword research.

Step 4 – Make sure that your keyword bucket is a mixture of head terms and long-tail keywords

Keywords are basically a mixture of head term and long-tail. Head term keywords are phrases that are generic and shorter in length. They are usually one to three words long, not longer than that. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are phrases that are longer in length. Usually, these phrases have more than three words.

Your keyword strategy will only be well-balanced when it contains a mixture of head term keywords and long-tail keywords. Such a strategy will be able to achieve long-term goals and short-term wins. Head terms are searched more often and are more competitive than long-tail terms. However, long-tail terms generate more traffic inflow.

Hence, both head terms, as well as long-tail keywords, have their own set of advantages. In order to benefit from each one’s advantages, it is recommended that you use both types of keywords in your website content.

Step 5 – Look at how competitors are ranking for these keywords

Businesses often follow the footsteps of their competitors. At times it proves to be useful, but at other times it proves to be counterproductive. Following your competitors is not always good, especially when it comes to keywords. What worked for your competitors might not necessarily work for you. However, you should definitely try to understand why your competitors are using certain keywords.

If some of the keywords that you have brainstormed are also being used by your competitors, then you should definitely use these keywords in your WordPress website. However, if you realise that few of the keywords that you have decided are not being used by your competitors, then that does not at all means that you should also not use those keywords. May be your competitors missed out on those and you can gain competitive advantage by using them first.

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Step 6 – Use the Google AdWords keyword planner to shortlist your keyword list

Lastly, it is time for you to narrow down the list of keywords that you initially drafted.

For this purpose, you can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner. In the Keyword Planner, you can see the search volume and traffic estimates for your keywords. These tools will help you in short-listing the right mix of keywords to be used in your website. And, you are done!


We are hopeful that after reading this article you have understood the importance of doing keyword research and the methodology that needs to be used. In case you are still doubtful about its benefits, give it a try and you will know for yourself!

If you find the process of doing keyword research too overwhelming, you can reach out to us for help. We have been taking care of the SEO needs and keyword research of our vast clientele for years. Hence, we have become a pro at this job.

We guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed with our service.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority!

CONTACT US NOW and get a chance to benefit from our expertise in the field of web development and SEO optimisation!

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