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Are you losing your site traffic due to 404-page errors? Want to redirect the 404 traffic to a customized page that can help your visitors get to a page of their choice? In this article, we are going to discuss how you can use the custom 404 page in WordPress to improve your website usability.

Changing the 404 pages on a WordPress website is pretty easy. You can easily change the custom layout option without making a lot of changes to the site. In fact, there are plugins available that you can use to change 404 pages. The following list of plugins will help you to easily customize your 404 pages without hiring a developer or getting your hands dirty with the site code.

Why Create Custom 404 Page for WordPress?

In most cases, when you use a 404 page, it is the end of the user journey on your website. The user will either hit the back button and get back to the page that he/she previously visited or the user will simply close the window and try a new search – this can directly impact your site’s bounce rate.
When this happens, the user journey is getting disturbed because he/she had an aim to visit a particular page but that aim is not fulfilled.

That’s where a custom 404 page in WordPress comes in. The custom 404 pages can make the user change the site design and add relevant options on the page such as menu buttons, links, or even content that the user can view or interact with.

Most websites have custom 404 pages with buttons to necessary areas on their site. Check the image below.


The user can click any of the two links to get to the particular area of his interest.

Best Plugins to Create Custom 404 Page in WordPress

Here is the list of plugins that you can use to customize the 404 pages on your website.

1. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is one of the oldest WordPress page builders available. It offers a paid and a free version that users can use while creating their website. The good news is that Beaver Builder also offers a custom 404-page option. Users can use this option to create their own customized 404 page using the Beaver Builder WordPress plugin and then add it to their website. Since Beaver Builder is already a page builder plugin, it offers multiple templates to create custom 404 pages.

2. Divi

Divi is another great page builder plugin by Elegant themes that you can use for your website. Divi page builder is great for anyone who would like to improve their website usability. With this page builder plugin, you can easily add buttons, menu options, and even change the design of your website. This means that even if the person lands on the 404 page, they can use the buttons or the search bar to move to a page that is available on the website. The best part is that Divi 404 premade page templates are already available online and you can use that for creating your own custom 404 page.

3. Astra

Astra Pro theme offers the option to create a custom 404 page on a website. The customized 404 pages can be edited manually in the theme. However, the problem with Astra Pro is that you are limited to a few template-based options only and not many.

Another problem with Astra’s custom 404 pages is that you can only get the 404 pages on the premium website. Astra’s free version doesn’t offer the 404 customized pages.

The good thing about the Astra 404 page is that you can also customize it using a page builder. All top page builders including Divi, Beaver Builder, and Elementor are supported.

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4. SeedProd

One of the best methods to create a 404 page for your WordPress website is with the SeedProd extension. The SeedProd premium extension lets you create landing pages for your website with drag and drop functionality. A person who has no idea of creating landing pages on WordPress can easily use SeedProd to create his/her own pages. Since custom 404 is also a landing page, SeedProd is one of the best extensions to use for creating them. SeedProd is not free but you can get a basic package for as low as $39.

5. 404Page – your smart custom 404 error page

404 Page WordPress plugin is a replacement for other 404 redirection pages. What this custom plugin does is that it lets users easily replace their current 404-page with a custom page they created using the 404page WordPress plugin.

It reduces server requests because it is not redirecting from the main 404 pages to the new page you created, instead completely replacing the page on the server. It also enables WordPress 404 error handling so that users get the best experience when they visit your WordPress website.

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6. Genesis 404 Page

Genesis Framework is a page builder and a theme that you can use on your WordPress website to redesign it completely. This plugin is not part of that theme. The Genesis 404 page plugin can be installed separately and it edits the 404.php page. You can create your own custom content and the plugin will replace it on the 404.php page on WordPress. Thus, the Genesis 404 plugin lets you easily customize the page in any way you want and add the relevant buttons and links to it.

7. SEO Redirection Plugin

If the above methods are too difficult for you or they don’t work as you want them to, then you are left with just one option. That is, to redirect your 404.php page to a custom page that you created as a replacement. With SEO Redirection Plugin, you can easily create a redirection from the 404-page to the new one you just created.

What Should You Add to Your 404 Page?

The customization of 404 pages varies for each website

  • For an eCommerce store, it would make more sense to provide a search bar on the 404-page that people can use to search for a product of their choice.
  • For a SaaS product, the 404-page should have a signup button, a link to the knowledge base or documentation, and a link to a blog.
  • For desktop software, the 404-page should have a link to software trial/demo pages, and a link to a blog or the product overview page. It would be better if all the links are available so that the users can decide for themself.
  • For a blog or a news website, the 404-page should have links to various categories and a search bar in the middle that the visitor can use to get to their desired page.


These are some of the best plugins that you can use on your WordPress website to create 404 pages. If you are still unsure how to create 404 pages for your website, then you can get help from our WordPress experts.
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