Top WordPress Theme Frameworks You Should Know

top word press theme framework

This article describes some Top WordPress Theme Frameworks you should know. WordPress themes are very attractive and they hold the essence of an outstanding web. You can find lots of code following themes and most of the developer loves to develop the theme from the scratch. Designing and developing a WordPress theme can be a hard work but the theme frameworks will help to carry out the task effectively.

WordPress theme frameworks provide a strong platform to develop the WordPress site and WordPress developers as well as users acquire great prospect to customise the website according to their wish. They are effective tools used to develop WordPress themes reducing the development time taken by WordPress developers.

These days WordPress theme frameworks are admired by most of the website owners as well as WordPress developers. Most of them are taking a path towards the frameworks relevant to the design they do not have to modify the foundation all the time. Mostly the strong frameworks based on WordPress are extremely secure and SEO friendly, which simply attracts maximum users towards the site.

If you are in search for a top WordPress theme framework then this article is especially dedicated to you. We have attempted to cover the best frameworks which are not only modern but are secured and SEO compatible which definitely helps users to develop a website instantly.

Here are some Top WordPress Theme Frameworks

1. Genesis

WordPress theme framework Genesis is well-admired and extensively used frameworks. Mostly, loved by WordPress developers for its all round features. The theme framework is highly recommended by most of the WordPress theme designer as it is cost-effective and contains highly customisable components. This theme is SEO-friendly which comes with unlimited updates and support along with well-documented support system and lots of remarkable child themes.Besides, it is highly customisable and there are lots of Genesis designer available if you are unable to code yourself.Genesis WordPress theme framework is

Besides, it is highly customisable and there are lots of Genesis designer available if you are unable to code yourself. Genesis WordPress theme framework is a one-time investment which assures that you will achieve long-lasting support for the frameworks together with access to the dynamic forums. The framework can be useful for Copyblogger Media and the top expert marketing company.

Additionally, this framework facilitates their users with lots of features which includes responsive layout, support for recent web technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. It also provides sufficient documentation as well as resources to start with and is applicable for Fresh WordPress web developers.

  •  Theme Options
  • Custom Page templates
  • Theme Customizer
  • Featured Content Widgets
  • Customisable headers
  • Mobile Responsive

WordPress theme Genesis Framework

2. Thesis

Whatever you desire either a corporate website or personal blog, a WordPress theme framework thesis can be an ideal choice as it allows you to make your website beautiful with lots of remarkable features.

WordPress theme framework thesis provides advanced features with more control on the functions and the designs carried out by WordPress web developers. It also provides flexibility, but only with a high budget. Additionally, they also facilitate their users with drag and drop feature that includes a visual template editor, so those who are not developers can develop custom designs as the leaving for the dashboard is not necessary.

In thesis theme, the professional license comes with more support and updates along with some boxes and skins. You can also get enduring support in the lively community. This WordPress theme framework also supports various features that include typography relevant to the approach, API coding, simple integration with Google webmasters and many others.

  • Simple and convenient integration
  • Focused to typography
  • Better customisation
  • Complete support and update

WordPress theme Thesis

3. Headway Framework

Most of the designer do not like to waste their time coding instead they look for an easy and quick way to deliver beautiful websites to their clients. Headway is one of the influential WordPress theme frameworks that supports drag and drop feature delivering beautiful design instantly. With suitable circumstances, they can easily switch concepts into the complete WordPress theme.

Additionally, Headway also allows a designer and developer to control all the sections of the website and customise it as corresponding to their creativity. This theme completely supports HTML, CSS3 and responsive grid, which is fully prepared for updated web as well.

  • Simple and convenient to navigate drag and drop interface
  • SEO-friendly pages
  • Code based on HTML5 and CSS3
  • Able to customise landing pages
  • Grid layout
  • Smooth performance

Headway framework

4. Cherry Framework

WordPress theme framework Cherry is truly easy to use free theme Framework. It is flexible and allows developing a WordPress website without any trouble. This framework is available for free.

Additionally, Cherry framework can be very helpful to develop beautiful design easily and quickly. It is completely responsive with easy installation, secure updates along with some shortcodes and widgets. Also, you can find an incorporation of Bootstrap function and is well-documented.

  • Available for free
  • Automatic update
  • Remarkable framework to child theme relationship
  • Based on bootstrap
  • Data management allowing backup and restoring framework as well as its child themes

Headway framework

5. Gantry

One of the most popular WordPress theme frameworks Gantry facilitates users with some attractive themes, making their framework accessible on the GPL license. It is paid framework that contains community determined support which definitely makes a framework admirable investment of time and endeavours for WordPress web developers.

Additionally, this WordPress theme framework also supports responsive layout corresponding to Twitter bootstrap. Additionally, it works well with LESS CSS for additional customisation and appears with lots of widgets. Even though framework support is accessible for $99 per year, which fully reverses free usage, you can still try gantry Groups where other WordPress web developers are prepared to answer your queries.

  • Responsive layouts relevant to Twitter Bootstrap
  • Widely customisable options such as blank widgets allowing for improved position
  • Various included widgets as well as built-in fields
  • Support for LESS CSS and the well-admired 960 grid system

WordPress framework gantry

Wrapping Up,

These are some WordPress theme frameworks. However, there are many additional theme frameworks available as well. Integrating these themes will definitely make your work easy and quick. There are lots of benefits of using the theme framework rather than working on the codes from scratch. Besides, it also helps developers to pursue a particular set of programming rules that consequence in superior quality code which can be updated by any WordPress web developers in the future.

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