Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins of 2023


RSS, which stands for Really Simple Syndication is an XML format used to publish updated articles, news or any other content to people on the web. RSS has always been an important part of a blog because your readers can stay updated on your latest and favourite blog post through the RSS and which in returns helps your site to get lots of traffic.

Many people claim RSS is dead now, even I thought the same. But, I was wrong. RSS is still an active technology and it can still be helpful if used properly. The increasing amount of RSS plugins developed by professional WordPress developers proves that it’s going nowhere. If you are a blogger and you keep updating your post then, you surely need to take advantage of RSS feed. Since WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms, you can find hundreds of plugins for RSS feeds. With the use of best WordPress RSS feed plugin, you can generate lots of traffic to your website.

With hundreds of RSS feed plugins available on the internet today, choosing the best and right one for your WordPress site is surely not an easy task. So, we have come up with a list of top 10 RSS feed plugins to help you choose the right one. All the RSS feed plugins mention below are updated plugins and works well with the latest WordPress.

Now, without delaying further, let’s jump to the “Best WordPress RSS Feed Plugins of 2016.”



Feedzy is one of the most simple and lightweight RSS feed plugin which aggregates RSS feeds into your WordPress site through fully customisable shortcodes and widgets. You can find multiple shortcodes and widgets option which will automatically generate codes for each feed you want to add.

You can also make use of the same shortcodes and widgets for other pages as well.  Feedzy uses minimalistic CSS and cache to ensure good performance. The plugin uses SimplePie PHP Class, which can easily read the information, contained in a feed, process it and then, finally display it. This plugin with unlimited feed options automatically adds caching to reduce the page loading times, not affecting the website’s speed.

This plugin with unlimited feed options automatically adds caching to reduce the page loading times, not affecting the website’s speed. Feedzy RSS feeds plugin also has a feature to choose to display images in the feed if they are available. If you don’t have images to display then, there’s nothing to worry. The plugin has a default image parameter for you. The plugin comes with mobile ready and translation ready.

RSS Image Feed


RSS Image Feed is a simple plugin which displays the first image of your post to your feed; even in firefox and even if you only display the excerpt. This plugin does not create a feed of images; rather it attaches the first image of the post to your feeds. The plugin creates a clickable image thumbnail even in the excerpt and you will find only one image instead of all the images of the post in the content.  It is compatible

It is compatible with the latest version of the WordPress. If your blog have lots of images included and you agree on the fact that images can grab users attention and attract them towards your blog then, this plugin is just right for you. And most of all, this wonderful feed plugin is free of cost.

RSS Post Importer


RSS Post Importer is another feature rich WordPress RSS aggregator plugin which imports full RSS posts. This plugin is most powerful and easy to use the plugin for importing, syndicating, curating, merging and displaying full-text RSS and atom feeds on your WordPress blog. You also have an option of choosing the way you want to import your article (their status), it may be published, drafts, pending, trash, and so on. This feature rich RSS aggregator plugin comes with features such as importing feeds automatically using an icon, importing the full-text RSS feeds content, set the number of posts and category per post, provides a simple template for formatting imported content, appends the no-follow tag to all the outbound links for the better SEO and much more.

RS FeedBurner


If you are looking for the easiest way to implement your FeedBurner, FeedPress, or FeedBlitz feed on your WordPress, then you have come to the right place. RS FeedBurner is another simple, easy to use and fast WordPress plugin which detects the native WordPress RSS feeds and redirects them to your FeedBurner, FeedPress, or FeedBlitz so that you can easily track your subscriber.  RS FeedBurner allows you to implement your favourite third party RSS feed optimisation without having to touch your site’s .htaccess file. This plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.

WP RSS Aggregator


Are you looking for the most comprehensive with great functionalities? If yes then, consider using WP RSS Aggregator. This exceptionally powerful plugin is the most comprehensive RSS feed importer and auto blogging plugin for WordPress with premium add-ons for additional functionality. You can easily import, merge and display RSS and atom feeds on your WordPress sites with this plugins.

It is the most elegant RSS feed solution for WordPress which saves your time and works exactly the same way that you want. With this free plugin, you can aggregate as many RSS feeds from as many sources as you like. You can display your imported feed items from one or more sources to your website by using the shortcodes. WP RSS Aggregator also has a number of premium add-ons which you can use to add more functionality to the core plugin.

Category Specific RSS feed Subscription


Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription is another handy WordPress plugin to add category specific RSS feed subscription menu to your posts, pages and sidebar. You can present a menu with multiple RSS feed subscription option to your site’s visitors in addition to your normal RSS subscription option with this awesome WordPress plugin. This plugin is up-to-date and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription plugin allows you to show category specific RSS feed for all your categories. You can configure up to 8 different custom topic specific RSS feeds with this plugin. The RSS feed menu for all the blog post is created using the shortcodes.



FeedWordPress is another easy to use and amazing WordPress plugin to convert feed to post list. This awesome plugin is an Atom/RSS aggregator for WordPress, which syndicates content from feeds that you choose into your WordPress blog.

This great plugin is designed with flexibility, ease of use functionality and ease of configuration in mind. This free plugin can help you to improve the RSS functionality by offering specific functionalities. Using this plugin, WordPress users can easily gather content from a single RSS feed or multiple feeds. This plugin is compatible up to WordPress 4.5.0034 version and has active users more than 60,000.

 RSS Includes Pages


RSS Includes Pages WordPress plugin is just right for them who are running a website where pages include very important information and need to be made part of the feed. This WordPress plugin modifies RSS feeds so that they can include the main pages, not just the posts.

If you deactivate the plugin, then it will restore RSS feeds to their default state. If you are using WordPress as a CMS then, this plugin is great for you because pages represent a good portion of your content in WordPress CMS. This plugin is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and it was last updated a month ago. This plugin has an active user of 30,000+.

Continuous RSS Scrolling


Continuous RSS Scrolling WordPress plugin allows us to scroll the RSS title continuously on the WordPress site and can also be used as a widget. This simple yet handy WordPress plugin creates the vertical scroll in the widget using the given RSS feed, which will scroll only the RSS title in the widget. Hence, the title will scroll one by one in the widget area. With the use of this plugin, anyone can show any RSS feed on the website.

You don’t need to have coding knowledge here. You can simply activate the plugin and drag and drop the widget to a sidebar. And then, check the front end. This plugin comes with inbuilt features such as easy installation, easy scrolling setting, widgets and much more. This plugin was last updated 7 days ago and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress with active users 1000+.

RSS Import


RSSImport is another exceptionally powerful WordPress plugin. This plugin imports and displays feeds on the blog, using PHP in your templates or shortcodes in your posts or pages. As this plugin uses only the standard WordPress functionality, you don’t need external libraries. RSSImport is very flexible and customisable WordPress plugin, you can have an excellent use of shortcodes here. RSSImport was last updated 8 months ago, so it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. With active users more than 10,000, you can find lots of good reviews on the plugin in its review section. 

Wrapping Up,

If you have gone through all the list of RSS feed plugins mentioned above, you surely must have found the plugin right for your website. With any of the above-mentioned plugin, you can help your readers know and read all you latest posts and in return, you can expect to get tonnes of traffics on your website.

Which is RSS Feed plugin you going to use on your website? Do you have any other RSS feed plugins in your mind that I missed mentioning above? Please feel free to share it with us in the comment box below.

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